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Was anyone else surprised to hear Trump planned a state visit to Denmatk all of a sudden? I certainly was. Some days ago Trump stated his interest in purchasing Greenland from Denmark. The Prime Minster answered Greenland’s not for sale. … Continue reading

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Erik Segersäll Olof Skötkonung Anund Jakob Edmund den gamle Anund Edmundsson

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Erikska ätten & Sverkerska ätten

Erikska kungar Erik den helige Knut Eriksson (Knut I) Erik Eriksson Knut Långe (Knut II) Erik den läspe och halte Sverkerska kungar Sverker den äldre (Sverker I) Karl Sverkersson (Karl I) Sverker den yngre (Sverker II) Johan Sverkersson (Johan I)

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Abortion laws worldwide

Central America  Mexico allows abortions in cases when continued pregnancy endangers life of the expecting mother, determined fetal impairment , and in cases where pregnancy is a result of rape Guatemala explicit life exception El Salvadore no explicit life exception, … Continue reading

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Bayern, Pommern & Margareta

Kristofer of Bayern, born 26th February 1416 or 1418 – 6th January 1448. Dorotea av Bradenburg, wife. Erik av Pommern. Born 1382- 24th September 1459. Filippa of England, first wife. Cecilia, morganatic wife. Margareta Valdemarsdotter, 1353-28 October 1412. Håkan Magnuson, husband. Olof, son.

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