Was anyone else surprised to hear Trump planned a state visit to Denmatk all of a sudden? I certainly was.

Some days ago Trump stated his interest in purchasing Greenland from Denmark. The Prime Minster answered Greenland’s not for sale.

As could be expected Trump eventually answered through Twitter. When Denmatk rejected the offer Trump canceled the trip to Denmark. Did he think it’s still the 19th century—a time when it was possible to buy a country’s land?

It’s the 21 centuary now, not 1803 or 1867. Not everyone or anything can be bought. Louisiana purchase of 1803 was bought from Russia for a sum of $ 15,000 billion dollars.

The Alaska purchase took place in 1867. The US bought the state for 1,5 billion dollars.

2019 wasn’t the year of the US Greenland deal. Second time things don’t go as Trump wants.

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