Heavy Me Stuff

This is my latest attempt of a blog, I write about my life as a Korean raised in Europe, living and being raised in Sweden, about Korea, adoption, my Korean family, reunion. And also about my daily life, opinions and values.

I look upon my life in different stages:

  1. Stage I. The Ignorant/Oblivouis State (my arrival in Sweden til my 5th birthday). As I was not yet fully aware of ethnicity.
  2. Stage II. The Awakening. (from my 5th birthday til my 12  birthday). I begun to realize that I was different since I was adopted.
  3. Stage III. The Time for Impugnation. (12th birthday til 18th birthday). The teen years, time for questions and finding identity.
  4. Stage IV. The Honeymoon Phase. (18th birthday til 25th birthday) Around the time I found and meet my Korean family.
  5. Stage V. Age Of Realism. (25th birthday and ongoing.) The time after my second trip, I realized and accepted many things…

As for the future stages( Stage VI and onwords ) I’m not sure what they exactly will entail but I’m more than happy to share my daily experience with anyone who might be willing to listen.

I’m fairly confident and convinced that Korea will be a part of my life just as adoption always be. The two simply wouldn’t function together…

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