Maybe never

Supposedly he never planned to survive- but he did. Is he legally responsible for an act of terrorism or simply pure mass murder? Who in their right minds set out to kill an innocent animal, or the purest of the pure a young child?

I wonder if he eventually will believe it was worth it….

As long as the right to bear arms and the second article of the US constitution remains I sadly believe there will be more bloodshed. The second articke was added back in 1773 and it’s 2018 now so it unfortunately doesn’t look so promising or likely that there will be gun law reforms or stricter requirements. Why is that? Well for one thing the 45th US president happens to be a Republican.

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Future European monarchies

British monarchy

  1. Queen Elizabeth II,
  2. Prince Phillip,
  3. Prince William
  4. Crown Prince George

Norwegian monarchy

  1. King Harald
  2. Crown Prince Haakon
  3. Crown Princess Isabella

Danish monarchy

  1. Queen Margarethe
  2. Crown Prince Frederik
  3. Prince Christian

Dutch monarchy

  1. Princess Catherine-Amalia

Principality of Liechtenstein

  1. Grand Duke Henri
  2. Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Monaco monarchy

  1. Albert II, Prince of Monacco
  2. Princess Gabriella 
  3. Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco, Marquis of Baux

Spanish monarchy

  1. Felipe VI
  2. Leonore, Princess of Asturias

Bulgarian monarchy

  1. Simeon II
  2. Prince Boris 
  3. Prince Beltran
  4. Prince Kyril
  5. Princess Mafalda-Cecilia 
  6. Princess Olimpia
  7. Prince Tassilo

Greek monarchy

  1. Konstantin II
  2. Princess Alexia
  3. Prince Pavlos
  4. Princess Maria-Olympia
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Sadness and sorrow

The trail regarding the Queen’s street terrorist attack is scheduled to continue on Tuesday. It’s open to the public, even though I never attended the actual trail hearing detailed information of the actual deed is enough to make my heart burst yet again.

And then on Thursday morning news surfaced that there had been yet another school shooting in America. So far 17 dead people, and many still unidentified.

So many teenagers with hopes and dreams never to be realized. They will never reach their full potential, many parents forced to bury their children while they are left with only memories, emptiness and tremendous sorrow. Some where adults who sacrificed their lives to save the teen age student’s lives and the ones who didn’t make died as heros. Never forget that, we think America is so distant but yesterday it became clear that one of the male victims was a Swede who just a college scholarship and a promising future and talent in swimming – with potential as well as dreams of representing Sweden in a future Summer Olympics.

I know all of the victims deserves to be remembered, mentioned and never forgotten but fact remains it’s only the middle of February and already there’s been 18 school shootings. 18.

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The enigma

And I deem thy President tweet.

Who is he reslly? It seems everyone – or almost everyone forgot that this wasn’t his firdt time running for the presidential election.

The first time he did – and failed he was hoping to be one of the Democrats presidential candidates. He either fooled us then or is decieving us now.

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Prince Henrik dead

Denmark or at least the Danish (royalists) and other royalists is in mourning. Since Prince Henrik was French it’s likely that the French (royalists) more than anyone else is going through a tremendous loss.

Prince Henrik or (Henri-Marie-Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat) born 11th June 1934 in Talence Gironde France dead 13th February 2018.

Husband of Danish Queen Margrethe father of Crown Prince Frederik André Henrik Christian and Prince Joachim Holger Waldemar Christian.

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Stockholms största rättegång

Hela världens ögon vänds mot Stockholm den största rättegången i Sverige på flera år. Fem personer miste livet, en man, tre kvinnor och en ung flicka samt en hund. Dessa människor får aldrig glömmas bort, de förtjänade mer deras liv blev alldeles för kort. En liten flicka som aldrig kommer bli äldre an elva år, aldrig fira sin tolvårsdag, inte bli tonåring, ta konfrimation, börja sommarjobba, sluta grundskolan, välja gymnasieutbildning, börja gymnasieutbildning, ta gymnasieexamen, välja högre utbildning, börja arbeta eller ta ett sabbatsår, söka till högskola eller universitet, skaffa partner, flytta ihop, skaffa barn och gifta sig. Ingenting av detta kommer att bli verklighet, aldrig mer fira en födelsedag, julafton, påsk eller midsommar, inget mer sommarlov, påsklov, sportlov, eller jullov, ingen mer semesterresa, elva farsdagsfiranden, elva morsdagsfiranden och födelsedagar. Enda dottern, pappas flicka, enda barnet.

En far som aldrig kommer finnas där för sina söner, en fru som lämnats ensam kvar med ansvar för gensamma barn och en framtid som ensamstående förälder, inga fler helger, hämtningar och lämningar till dagis och skola. Inga fler bröllopsdagar, inga fler farsdagsfiranden, inga fler skämt, bus, skoj eller upptåg, inga fler förmaningar eller tillrättavisningar, inga fler godnattkramar och pussar.

En ung nybliven mor som aldrig kommer få uppleva sitt barns tvåårsdag, inte få uppleva första steget, första ordet, inskolning på dagis, första skoldagen, skollov, semesterresor, inga fler, varddagar, stressiga morgnar och hektiga frukostar, inga fler arbetsdagar, jobbresor, matlådor, jobbluncher, middagar, konferenser eller möten.

Två äldre gifta kvinnor som aldrig kommer att få dela ytterligare bröllopsdagar med sina respektive, inga fler stunder med barnbarn, aldrig mer sitta barnvakt åt barnbarn, aldrig mer dela bekymmer och minnen med vuxna barn, inte få uppleva barnbarnen utvecklas och växa upp, ina fler gemensamma minnen, inga fler skämt och samtal med arbetskamrater, inga flera goda råd, aldrig mer ett leende.

En liten älskad hund, tillgiven och full av bus och äventyr, inga fler hundskalv, blöta nosar eller tiggande ögon, en tom sovplats, tomt i sängen, inga flera promenader, aldrig mer hålla i kopplet, känna len päls under fingrarna, en hittehund som fick ett hem och en familj.

A parent to one of the victim’s is planning to sue the Swedish government for failing to expel the accused from Sweden after been denied a permanent residency as a refugee, as well as considering to sue to the capital city for neglect and failure of proper security and safety measures on Queen’s street resulting in five casualties, and death of a rescue dog as well as up 1000 people that was in the affected area at the time of the attack.

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Nobel Peace Prize candidate

I think it’s very likely things in North Korea will return to normal once the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has ended. It might have improved the relationship between South Korea – some, but I’m realistic.

North Korea went ahead with their planned military display on the 8th of February which coincided with Olympics but for North Korea the day marked the 70th celebration of 70th anniversary of its Armed Forces.

Despite the fact that South Korea’s women hockey team consists of four North Korean players that joined South Korea’s hockey team it was mutually agreed that the hockey team would preform and participate as Korea.

Regardless of the North Korean athletes actual performance it sends a confused international message since the Korean conflict still is left unresolved. At best it is the greatest oppertunity for Kim Jong Un to get free PR.

I got nothing against the ordinary North Koreans, but then again it does come off as a strange well coordinated charade. That’s why I personally oppose the idea to suggest Korea’s joint female hockey team as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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