Donald Trump aka Henry VIII

Donald Trump, Henry VIII

  1. Catherine of Aragon (divorced), Ivanka Trump
  2. Anne Boleyn (beheaded), Marla Maples
  3. Jane Seymour, (deceased)Melanie Trump
  4. Anne of Cleves, divorced ???
  5. Catherine Howard,divorced ???
  6. Catherine Parr, survived
  • Thomas Wolsey, Mike Pence
  • Cromwell, Mike Flynn
  • Duke of Norfolk, Reince Priebus

If NAFTA is dissolved, and all producted transfered back it will ean that US exports will be more expensive. It may lead to an international trade embargo against the US. So would that really help rebuild the US economy ?

If the US decides to stop supporting EPA again- the rest of the world could implement high tariffs on US imports.


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A new era

Media was wrong apparently Clinton’S support among women was overestimated and Trump was right. He had more silent supporters than anyone outside of the States could even estimate. Interestingly enough, fact remains Hillary won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote. Trump’s oldest daughter Ivanka is suspected to have stolen Hillary’s supporters just as the general support for the Democrats declined.

I wonder why the public was able to forgive or possibly ignore the fact that Trump showed his sexist nature even before the campaign. The rest of the world still believe Trump is a pshycopat. 

All the previous 44 presidents have gladely moved in to the White House but it seems Trump rejects the 132 rooms for his luxuary golden penthouse in the Trump Tower.

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US president 2024

  • Oprah Winfrey for president
  • Janet Jackson for vice president
  • Naomi Campbell for foreign minister
  • Venus Williams for domestic minister
  • Serena Williams for finance minister


  • Oprah Winfrey for president
  • Jennifer Lopez for vice president
  • Constance Wu for finance minister
  • Jade Willoughby for foreign minister 
  • Amal Cloney for domestic minister


  • Oprah Winfrey for president
  • Will Smith for vice president
  • Jennifer Loopez for finance minister
  • Andy Garcia for domestic minister 
  • Margaret Cho for foreign minister
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Om tjugo år

allting som händer over there kommer förr eller senare även till Sverige. Betyder det att vi kommer få se familjen Wallenberg som Sveriges statsminister år 2038? Följt av familjen Wahlgren? 

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European development and consequences

The EU has stated that they will not grant UK access to the EU market nor economy. In order for UK to maintain that access they will not be allowed to close their borders. 

Austria is preparing for a general election, as Germany, Italy and France will…

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Famous Russian Americans

  • Woody Allen
  • Pamela Andersson
  • Dianna Agron
  • René Aberjonois
  • Olga Baclanova
  • Eric Balfour
  • Sasha Barrese
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • Michael Bay
  • Irving Berlin
  • Jack Black
  • Michael Bolton
  • Agnes Bruckner
  • Yul Brynner
  • Cheryl Burke
  • Amanda Bynes
  • Eddie Cantor
  • Michael Chekov
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • David Copperfield
  • Gavin DeGraw
  •  Alexis Denisof
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Jim Downey
  • Michael Dudikoff
  • Ansel Elgort
  • Val Emmrich
  • Michael Perretta
  • Peter Falk
  • Carrie Fisher
  • Harrison Ford
  • Dave Franco
  • James Franco
  • Isabelle Fuhrman
  • Drew Fuller
  • Edward Furlong
  • Galen Gering
  • Katerina Graham
  • Seth Green
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Armie Hammer
  • Juliana Harkavy
  • Ben Harper
  • David Homyk
  • Kidada Jones
  • Rashida Jones 
  • Milla Jovovich
  • Stacy Kemanov
  • Lily Kedrova
  • Justin Kirk
  • Charles Klapov
  • Zoë Kravit 
  •  Lenny Kravitz
  • Mila Kunis
  • Joe Lando
  • Maria Lark
  • Logan Lerman
  • Margarita Levieva
  • Peggy Lipton
  • Karina Lombard
  • Marlee Matlin
  • Walter Mattieu
  • Taylor Momsen
  • Sarah Natochenny
  • Pola Negri
  • Pat O’Brian
  • Larisa Oleynik
  • Mandy Patinkin
  • Sean Peen
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • River Phoenix
  • Bronson Pinchot
  • Natalie Portman
  • Princess Superstar
  • Sergei Rashmaninoff
  • Sam Raimi
  • Ted Raimi
  • Raven
  • Joan Rivers
  • Natalya Rudakova
  • Olesya Rulin
  • Melanie Safka Schekeryk
  • Steven Segal, dual citizenship
  • Regina Spector
  • Gene Stupnitsky
  • Michelle Tratchenberg
  • Lana Wood
  • Natalie Wood
  • Anton Yelchin
  • Elena Zoubareva
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Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan

After determining that there has been foreign involvement in three states, and a Trump vicory in states that had electronic voting. It seems like the votes Wisconsin finally will be recounted. Not sure if that is enough for Clinton to be proclaimed the winner of 2016’s presidential election.

Wisconsin “only” has 10 electoral votes so it would mean president elect Trump losses his lead by 10 votes down to 280 instead of 290 and 242 instead of 232 electoral votes for Clinton.

Michigan has 16 electoral votes and if we assume Clinton will indeed claim Wisconsin’s 10 it would decrease Clinton’s from 232 to 258. And Trump’s decrease as well from 280 to 264.

And lastly if Clinton manages to claim Pennsylvania’s 20 votes. Trump’s victory would decrease from 264 to 244. For a tie only 269 votes would be needed. Such prediction would mean that the winner of 2016’s presidential election would indeed be a woman and not a man. If the folowing would happen then Clinton and the Democrats would win with 294 electoral votes to 244.

That being said Michigan’s 16 electoral votes has yet to counted, early estimates predicted a Republican Trump victory in Michigan as well. So maybe Donald Trump won the electoral vote with 306 instead of 290.

Obama will leave office and move out of the White House on January 20th regardless of who will become the 45th US president and Obama’s successor.

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