Winter Olympics 2018

Unless the current situation on the Korean peninsula has detoriated it currently seeens as if the scheduled Winter Olympics of 2018 will take place, the likelihood of it actually taking place in the chosen host city Pyeongchang seems unclear.

The date it is supposed to last is 9th-25th February. Of course the Olympics Committee could choose to cancel the event, another option is to either give it to one of the other two last bidding countries; Annecy in France, Munich Germany or maybe even let them co-share.

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Remember Hiroshima

The International Campaign for Abolishment of Nuclear weapons was awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

Imagine a world without nuclear weapons, it’s hard isn’t it. Millions of lives are ultimately lost at the cost of nuclear weapons; because of nuclear weapons.

Is nuclear weapons really neccessary?


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Where’s the women

The first ever Nobel Prizes were given out in 1901 and the first Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen , while Emil von Behring was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Sally Prudhomme was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, while the first Nobel Prize was awarded to two candidates ; the International Commitee of the Red Cross and Frédéric Passy a well known pacifist.

The first Nobel Prize awarded to a woman was 1903’s Nobel Prize in Physics which was awarded to none other than Marie Curie.

The second Nobel Prize awarded to a woman was the 1905 Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Baroness Bertha von Suttner.

While the 1909’s Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to the female author Selma Lagerlöf, the first female author awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. Miss Lagerlöf became the third female awarded a Nobel Prize.

The 1911’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to 1903’s allumni Marie Curie.

While it wasn’t until 1947 that a woman was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine; it was awarded to Gerty Theresa Cori.

While this year’s Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons; ICAN’s general secretary Beatrice Fihn accepted the Prize, while the Hiroshima survivor Setsuko Thurlow recieved a diploma and a medal.

The last time a Nobel Prize was awarded to a woman was 2015, when the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology went to Tu Youyou while the Nobel Prize in Literature went to Svetlana Alexievich, the last Nobel Peace Prize went to Malala Yousafzai, Ada E. Yonath was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 2009’s controversial Economy Prize went to Elinor Ostrom, the last Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Ada E. Yonath, the 1963’s Nobel Prize in Physics went to Maria Goeppert-Mayer, 2008’s Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology was shares between Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, Elizabeth Blackburn, and Carol W. Grieder.

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House of Holstein-Gottorp

  • Adolf Fredrik, born 14th May 1710-12th February 1771, first monarch of House of Holstein-Gottorp
  • Lovisa Ulrika of Preussen, born 24th July 1720-16th July 1792, wife of Adolf Fredrik

  1. Gustaf III, born 13th January 174629th March 1792, heir of Adolf Fredrik
  2. Sofia Magdalena of Denmark, born 3rd July 1746-21st August 1813, wife of Gustaf III
  3. Gustaf IV Adolf, born November 1st 1778-7th February 1837, heir of Gustaf III
  4. Fredrika Dorotea Vilhelmina of Baden, born 12th March 1781-25th September 1826, wife of Gustaf IV Adolf
  5. Gustaf of Wasa, born 9th November 1799-5th August 1877, heir of Gustaf IV Adolf
  6. Luise Amelie Stephanie of Baden, born 5th June 1811-19th July 1854, wife of Gustaf of Wasa
  7. Ludvig of Wasa, born 3rd February 1832-17th February 1732, firstborn child of Gustaf of Wasa and Lovisa of Baden
  8. Karolina Fredrika Franciska Stefania Amalia Cecilia of Wasa, born 5th August 1833-15th December 1907, second child of Gustaf of Wasa
  9. Sophie Wilhelmina Katarina Maria Lovisa Charlotta Anna, 21st May 1801-6th July 1865, only daughter of Gustaf IV Adolf
  10. Carl Gustaf, born 1802-1805, second son of Gustaf IV Adolf
  11. Amalia Maria Charlotta, born 1805-1853, second daughter of Gustaf IV Adolf
  12. Cecilia, born 1807-1844, youngest daughter of Gustf IV Adolf
  13. Karl XIII, born 26th September 1748-5th February 1818
  14. Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta, of Holstein-Gottorp, born 22nd March 1759-20th June 1818, wife of Karl XIII
  15. Karl Adolf, born 3rd July 1798-10th July 1798, son of Karl XIII and Charlotta
  16. Fredrik Kristian (Karl) August, born 9th July 1768-28th May 1810, adoptive son of Karl XIII
  17. Karl XIV Johan, born as Jean Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, 26th January 1763-8th March 1844, adoptive son, heir of of Karl XIII and future king of Sweden
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Elite running schedule

  1. Usually intervals, hills, or asphalt about 10 kilometers or 6,2 miles
  2. Weight lifting and strength
  3. Usually high speed running (one hour, or 5 kilometers 3,1 miles)
  4. Weight lifting or strength
  5. Usually long distance running increasing distance with 1,2 miles or 2 kilometers (until reachkng goal distance)
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Marathons in Europe

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  1. Midwinter City Marathon February 2nd,
  2. Schoorl Run February 11th,
  3. Rotterdam Marathon April 8th ,
  4. Eindhoven Marathon TBC,
  5. Amsterdam Marathon TBC
  6. Andorra de Valetta (Andorra)
  7. Ankara (Turkey) 
  8. Astana (Kazaksthan) 
  9. Athens (Greece) Roads to Rhodes April 29th
  10. Baku (Azerbajan)
  11. Belgrade (Serbia)

Bern (Switzerland)

  1. Geneva Marathon for UNICEF May 6th
  2. , Swiss Alpine Marathon TBC
  3. , Jungfrau Marathon TBC ,
  4. Ascona-Locorna Marathon TBC

Berlin (Germany)

  1. Liepziger Winter Marathon January 20th
  2. Bad Salzufen Marathon February 24th
  3. Kiel Marathon February 24th
  4. Hamburg Marathon April 29th
  5.  Gutenberg Marathon Mainz May 6th
  6.  Regensberg Marathon and Half Marathon May 13th
  7. ,Rein Ruhr Marathon June 3rd
  8. Eifel Marathon June 10th
  9. Marburg Marathon TBC
  10. Koenig Marathon TBC
  11. Monaschu Marathon August 12th
  12. Berlin Marathon September 16th
  13. Cologne Marathon October 7h
  14. Dresden Marathon TBC
  15. Frankfurt Marathon October 28th
  16. Rursee Marathon TBC

  1. Bratislava (Slovakia) Kosice Marathon TBC
  2. Brussels (Belgium) Bussels Marathon October 7th
  3. Bucharest (Romania)
  4. Budapest (Hungary) Budapest Marathon TBC
  5. Chisinau (Moldova)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

  1. Copenhagen Marathon May 13th
  2. H.C Andersen Marathon TBC

Dublin (Ireland)

  1. Connemara International Marathon April 22nd
  2. Galway City Marathon N/A , Dublin Marathon TBC


  1. Helsinki (Finland) Helsinki Marathon May 19th
  2. Glasgow (Scottland)
  3. Kiev (Ukraine) Kharkiv International Marathon April 29th
  4. Lisbon (Portugal) Lisbon Marathon TBC
  5. Ljubljana (Slovenia) Ljubljana Marathon TBC
  6. London (England) London Marathon April 222ns
  7. Luxembourg (Luxembourg) ING Luxembourg Night Marathon May12th -13th

Madrid (Spain)

  1. Gran Canaria Marathon January 21st
  2. Seville Marathon February 25th
  3. Barcelona Marathon March 11th , Ibiza Marathon April 8th
  4. Madrid Marathon April 22nd
  5. Minsk (Belarus) Minsk Half Marathon September 9th
  6. Monaco (Monaco) Monaco Run Riviera Classic March 11th


Moscow (Russia)

  1. Siberian Ice Marathon January 7th
  2. North Pole Marathon April 9th
  3. Siberian International Marathon TBC
  4. Moscow Marathon TBC


Nicosia (Cyprus)

  1. Cyprus Marathon March 4th
  2. Limassol Marathon March 18th
  3. Nuuk (Greenland) Polar Circle Marathon TBC

Oslo (Norway )

  1. Midnight Sun Marathon June 16th
  2. Jolster Marathon TBC
  3. Oslo Marathon September 15th

Paris (France)

  1. Paris Marathon April 8th
  2. Mont Saint-Michel Marathon May 27th
  3. Mont Blanc Marathon TBC

  1. Podogorica (Montenegro)
  2. Prague (Czech Republic) Prague International Marathon May 6th
  3. Pristina (Kosovo)
  4. Reykjavik (Iceland) Reykjavik Marathon August 18th
  5. Riga (Latvia)

Rome (Italy)

  1. Milan City Marathon April 8th
  2. Rome Marathon April 8th Siracusia Marathon TBC
  3. Italian Marathon Memorial Enzo Ferrari TBC
  4. Venice Marathon October 28th
  5. San Marino (San Marino)
  6. Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  7. Skopje (Makedonia)
  8. Sofia (Bulgaria)
  9. Stockholm (Sweden) Stockholm Marathon June 2nd

Tallin (Estonia)

  1. Vandra Marathon May 5th
  2. Tallin Marathon September 9th

  1. Tiblisi (Georgia)
  2. Tirana (Albania)
  3. Vaduz (Liechtenstein)

  1. Valleta (Malta) Malta Marathon February 25th
  2. Vatican city (Vatican)

Vienna (Austria)

  1. Vienna Marathon April 22nd
  2. Graz Marathon October 14th

  1. Vilnius (Lithuania) International Vilnius Marathon September 9th
  2. Warsaw (Poland) PZU Warsaw Marathon TBC
  3. Yerevan (Armenia)
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Marathons in Korea

  • Seoul International Marathon March 18th.
  • Busan International Half Marathon March 25th.
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