Sweden’s new government

The results of the latest Swedish election was both expected yet a rude awakening. It was expected that the opposition would win what might have come as a shock was that extremist right wing party got over 20 % of votes. Making them the second largest party. They are suddenly in a better position now which are entitled to seats.

Traditionally the speaker have been found among politicians from the second largest party which for the previous four years have been a Moderate from the Swedish party Moderaterna.

With the Sweden Democrats large win there has been a fear that they have wanted this prestigous post, yes they nominated a women from their party, not the male person everyone believed would be nominated.

As a compromise to that party they got 8 seats in the Swedish government, if the seats would have been decided according to proportion they should have gotten 6 not 8.

The Moderate party got 6, Christian Democrats 2, as did the Liberal party. As for the Christian Democrats eight year ago when the incumbent female leader was elected I thought she was a qualified politician. Over the years as she has argued to be a voice for elder people in general and been critical of the Swedish healthcare system at the same time she was involved in a property deal owned by an elderly man. And if that’s not enough she’s also been partying without social distancing during Covid19. It’s no secret she will do anything to get her way, she’s so desperate for power that she was the only party leader that welcomed the extremists right wing party into government.

Fortunately the incumbent speaker was re-elected as speaker for the next four years.

Since the other two opposition parties Left party and Centrist party declined to nominate someone as speaker the Green party or Miljöpartiet nominated someone to run against the Sweden Democrats.

The biggest opposition party nominated someone as the second speaker. As expected the Sweden Democrats candidate was not only nominated as third speaker. After a closed voting she won with support of 173 votes against 49 for the Green party’s candidate. Interestingly 126 people chose not to use their voting rights.

Fortunately the Centrist party nominated someone as third speaker and she won.

What is concerning, is this persons view’s and beliefs. For instance she doesn’t believe in the evolution but instead believes God created everything 6 thousand years ago. Therefore she has argued that Swedish education should be changed so that the evolution theory still is thaught but presented as an alternative. Perhaps this is why she refuses to believe that moon landing in 1969 didn’t happen. Her personal views has been to lower the limit for legal abortion and she has been an avid advocate for pro life.

Now, supposedly these Sweden Democrats that were elected for a seat in parliament will have to participate in a course of parliamentary politics.

I believe the Sweden Democrats large win can be explained by their aggressive PR promising to make Swedish migration stricter, get more policemen and harsher punishments for gang related crimes. The gang related crimes is a consequence of Sweden’s decision to grant many refugees and immigrants permanent stay for youngsters allowing children permission or extended status which enabled them to continue High school studies but once they turn 18 they have to leave.

The leader of the Moderate party have 14 days to form a government if he manages remains to be seen.

The same tendency can be seen in Denmark, Hungary and now Italy. But also to some extent France. Sweden seems to share similar problems as France, although the incumbent president Macron was re-elected but he now needs to form a minority government.

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The British Commonwealth

These 14 countries were still part of the British Commonwealth meaning that the British monarchy also reigned over those. The British Commonwealth was established in 1913.

With the death of Elizabeth II, several countries has announced they will abolish the monarchy in favor of republican rule.

1. Australia, 2. The Bahamas, 3.Belize, 4.Canada, 5. Grenada, 6. India, 7. Jamaica, 8. New Zealand, 9. Papau New Guinea, 10. Pakistan, 11. St Christopher and Newis, 12, St Lucia, 13. South Africa

Ireland left the British Commonwealth in 1949, Zimbabwe left as late as 2003. Besides these member states the following countries also belong to the Commonwealth;

1. Antigua and Barbuda, 2.Bangladesh, 3. Barbados, 4. Belize, 5. Botswana, 6. Brunei, 7. Cameroon, 8. Cyprus, 9. Dominica, 10. Eswanti, 11. Fuji, 12. Gabon, 13. Gambia, 14. Ghana, 15. Grenada, 16. Guyana, 17. Kenya, 18. Kiribati, 19. Lesotho, 20. Malawi, 21. Malaysia, 22. Maldives, 23. Malta, 24. Mauritius, 25. Mozambique, 26. Namibia, 27. Nauru, 28. Nigeria, 29. Rwanda, 30. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 31. Samoa, 32. Saychelles, 33. Sierra Leone, 34. Singapore, 35. Solomon Islands, 36. South Africa, 37. Sri Lanka, 38. Tanzania, 39. Togo, 40. Tonga, 41. Trinidad and Tobago, 42. Tuvalu, 43. 44. Uganda. 45 Vanatu, 46. Zimbabwe

Australia has announced they plan on abolishing the British monarchy in favor of an Australian republic but don’t want to do this right now out of respect of Elizabeth II. In Canada 55 % of citizens were positive of the British monarchy as long as Queen Elizabeth II remained Queen, now as King Charles III is the new monarch voices now want to see Canada leaving the monarchy. Bahamas plans to hold a referendum on the British monarchy in the near future. Belize plans to replace the British monarchy in favor of a republic. Grenada is another country in the Caribbean that no longer wants to belong to the British monarchy. New Zealand will likely become a republic in a few years time. Papau New Guinea will most likely remain under monarchy as long as there are a majority support for it. But they might replace it if more neighbor countries does it in the coming years. St Christopher and Newis has stated their intent to abolish the British monarchy. The island of St Lucia is likely to become republic once their neighbor countries does.

As a result of Queen Elizabeth II desth it is likely that countries that used to be ruled by the British monarchy will want to break wuth Britain. Queen Elizabeth II was a good monrach and many countries was supportive of the British monarchy as long as she was head of state. Therefore the British Commonwealth will most likely shrink and more republics be established soon. The new monarch of Britain is King Charles III who at 73 has been involved in several scandals.

King Charles III former Prince of Wales,second wife Camilla Queen Consort former Duchess of Cornwall and Rothesay, Prince William now Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge and Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Chester, Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles, Prince of and Great Steward of Scotland previously only Duke of Cambridge and Earl of Strathearn, Prince George of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales, Prince Louis of Wales, Prince Harry Duke of Sussex.

When the Queen died the British national anthem was rewerted back to God save the king and it will probably take many decades for Britain to have another Queen. King Charles III is the father of Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince William firstborn is Prince George, although his secondborn is Princess Charlotte. Lastborn is Prince Louis. Prince Harry is a father of son Archie and daughter Lilibeth.

Prince Andrew has daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Both of them have small children August is the son of Beatrice and little Sienna Elizabeth the daughter of Eugenie.

Princess Anne has daughter Zara Tindaln and son Peter Philipps. Prince Edward has daughter Louise and son James with wife Sophie. Sarah Chatto and David Armstrong-Jones are children to Princess Margaret. Sarah Chatto is mother to Arthur and Samuel. Charles and Margarita is the children of David.

Which countries will remain monarchies under George III? Will Northern Ireland and Svotland leave the British empire? If Northern Ireland becomes independent will Northern Ireland and Ireland become one? Will Scotland apply for EU membership and change of currency to Euro? Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle redefine their roles in the British monarchy? Will Archie and Lilibeth get back their titles?

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Time to prove it now…

the final results of the Swedish general election was expected the outcome was not a surprise. For several years now Sweden has seen deadly shootings related to gang violence. Several bigger cities are no longer safe to be in at night, or late evening. Actually you fool yourself thinking daylight will protect you. Several shootings have killed innocent civilians at playgrounds, shopping malls, gyms, and restaurants. Some happened at daytime. The incumbent government made efforts to stop this, as did the previous government too. The increase of deadly shootings is very much a challenge for this government.

Another problem that’s recently been is the increasing price of electricity much thanks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but more importantly the fact that many European countries made themselves dependant on Russian gas and oil. Linked to this is the increase of groceries and food, Sweden used to import many things from Ukraine not just food.

Then there’s the issue with Turkey who has been the only NATO country that opposed a Swedish membership in NATO. They say they have a list of people they want extradited since they say some if the people have commited crimes or are part of a terrorist group. Putin and Russia doesn’t like to see a NATO expansion.

Domestically the Liberal party was the first party to say they wanted a Swedish membership in NATO fact remains the extremist right wing party got 20 % of votes in this election making them larger than the Moderate party.

The Moderate party has openly stated they are supportive of involving the Sweden Democrats, the Christian Democrats has said the same. The only party that refused to sed the now second largest party in government is the Liberal party. Yet they have also stated they want to see a political change of power.

The Social Democrats got more votes than previously, but apart from the Green party, that left the government shortly before the election all the other parties suffered major losses. Meaning that the other side got larger with 176 against 174 seats in parliament.

I must say, I never liked the leader of the Moderate party. Not as a person, nor a politician. I also never liked the leader of the Christian Democrats, not as a politician and certainly not as a person. She’s a very good talker, makes convincing speeches, but doesn’t appear to live by her own words. To me she comes of as someone who believes she’s above you.

The leader of the Liberal party recently became the new party leader and so far he hasn’t made enough of an impression on me. I must confess although I dislike the leader of the Sweden Democrats, based on his politics. As a politician he appears to make the best arguments but it’s easier to be in opposition. You don’t have to take any responsabilities nor be accountable.

Among the losing parties were everyone but the Green party. Critics now seem to want some party leaders resignation. There’s an apparent fear that if the leader of the Centrist party resigns she could be replaced with someone who is more positive towards the Sweden Democrats. That same fear is shared by the the Liberal party who has stated they won’t be in a government with the Sweden Democrats. They don’t want a member of the Liberal party to have a seat in government and be positive and accepting towards the Sweden Democrats.

How will a new government with the Sweden Democrats handle a NATO membership application? Will they agree to extradite people on Turkey’s list in efforts to gain that membership?

Fact 1, the Socialist Party won the most votes. In the previous election they got 100 seats, now 107.

Fact 2, the only other party in the left wing parties that gained more votes this year was the Green Party. They left the government shortly before the election. They had 16 now 18.

Fact 3, both the Left Party and the Centrist Party got fever votes in this election. 24 seats for both now, Left Party 28 Centrist Party 31.

Fact 4, the leader of the Centrist Party announced her resignation after 11 years.

Fact 5, the second largest party the Moderate Party was only able to gain votes that made them the third largest party, not second.

Fact 6, this year the extremist right wing party got over 20 % of the votes. Giving them 73 seats in the government.

Fact 7, the Moderate Party only gained 68 seats in this election losing 2 seats. The Liberal party had 20 now 18. The Christian Democrats had 22. The Sweden Democrats 62 now 73.

Fact 8, the incumbent Prime Minister will no longer be in power, she will now be the leader of the opposition.

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Valet 2022

Jag förtidsröstade redan första augusti är otroligt glad att jag inte behövde rösta i Sverige på grund av de långa köerna.

Följde förstås valvakan som ser ut att sluta med att det eventuellt blir maktskifte. Klart är att SD detta året knep över 20% av folkets röster detta innebär att de förmodligen numer är Sveriges andra största parti. Moderaterna backade till 19,1% likaså samtliga borgerliga partier på bekostnad av Sverigedemokraterna. Kristdemokraterna fick 5,4% Liberalerna 4,6%.

Socialdemokraterna fick 30,5%, Miljöpartiet lyckades klara riksspärren och landade på 5%. Vänsterpartiet knep 6.6% Centerpartiet vägrade samarbeta med SD och ingår numer i det rödgröna blocket. I årets val fick Centern 6,7% en lägre siffra än förra valet. Miljöpartiet och Sossarna lyckades förbättra sitt tidigare resultat medan Vänsterpartiet backade.

I nuläget skiljer endast ett mandat mellan de två blocken eller 48,8 % till rödgröna mot 49,7% till blåa blocket. Om det blir så att de blåa eller borgerliga sidan står som vinnare så innebär det maktskifte. Högst sannolikt kommer Moderaternas ledare avgå på sikt detta trots att han nyligen sagt att han inte kommer avgå. Troligtvis kommer Sverigedemokraterna kräva en eller fler ministerposter eller eventuellt nöja sig med större inflytande över politiken tänker främst på deras hjärtefrågor lägre elpriser, hårdare straff för brott och strängare migrationspolitik.

Kruxet är dock att Liberalerna har förespråkat maktskifte till det blåa blocket men samtidigt sagt att de inte stöder en regering med SD. Kristdemokraterna och Moderaterna har bägge varit öppna för samarbete med SD. Moderaterna behöver SD utan SD så har Moderaterna inte de mandat som krävs. Moderaterna behöver även KD och Liberalerna om de inte lyckas övertala Centern och Vänsterpartiet, men de skulle behövas fler partier. Vänsterpartiet vägrar samarbeta med högern och MP vägrar ingå i samma regering som SD.

I Sverige röstar man i tre olika val landstingsval, kommun och riksdagsval.

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Is the British monarchy dead now?

Queen Elizabeth II is no more, she died days before her 70th celebration as monarch. It probably didn’t come as a surprise, ever since Prince Phillip passed away months earlier she has seemed to be more fraile.

She was born on the 21 of April 1926- died on the 8th of September 2022. Her reign begum on 24 of March 1953 after her coronation. She married her husband Prince Phillip of Greece and Denmark on the 20th November 1947. The firstborn child was named Charles.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip had four children Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward.

Prince Charles will be King Charles III and his second wife Duchess Camilla of Cornwall will be known as Queen Consort. Prince William Duke of Cambridge will be the new Crown Prince his wife Princess Catherine Duchess of Cambridge might inherit Princess Diana’s title Princess of Wales.

What isn’t known yet is if Prince Andrew will be reinstated as Prince Andrew and thus return to his former royal duties or not. Prince Harry Duke of Sussex and Princess Meghan Duchess of Sussex lives permantely in US with their two children Archie and Lilibeth Diana. I don’t see that changing any time soon.

What is going to happen though is that King Charles III will meet the newly appointed Prime Minister Liss Truss and coins and bills will have to be reprinted with Charles III instead of Elizabeth II.

Considering how popular late Queen Elizabeth II was in comparison Charles III wasn’t nearly as popular among the British. Especially following his divorce from Princess Diana Spencer after duscovery of his longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Perhaps he will be a better king than he was a prince. I syspect more people might want to abolish the British monarchy with Charles III as monarch.

The alternative is if Charles III abdicated in favor of his eldest son Crown Prince William, so far there has been no indication of that. Perhaps Charles III not only will be the last monarch of House of Windsor, but also the last British monarch.

Given his age it’s possible Charles III could reign for over thirty years. By that time chances are Britain could have abolished monarchy and replaced it with republic.

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Russian invasion 6 months on

Many European countries has made themselves dependant on Russian gas and oil and although many countries has been skeptical of this the poorer countries has not wanted to end their imports of Russian gas and oil oil because of the fairly low price.

These imports has helped to fund Putin’s war in Ukraine. Putin has made new allies namely North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un.

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Roe vs. Wade 1973-2022 RIP

Its a sad, sad day, correction its a tragic day. Today the US Supreme Court is expected to review the 14th amendment the right to abortion is considered a Human Rights Law. It become part of the US constitution in 1973 and the 14th amendment.

During the 45th US president’s time the US Supreme Court’s judges were replaced. He appointed Neil Gorrusch, Brett Kavanagh and Amy Barret Coney. The last appointed judge was a woman like her predecessor. Bader Ginsburg died just weeks before the presidental election of 2020. Instead of waiting for a the election result and the new president’s choice he chose apponi her in record time.

Obama chose two judges; Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Merrick Garland was the third candidate that never was sworn in.

Clinton announced late Ruth Bader Ginsberg in 1993, and Stephen Breyer in 1994.

US Supreme Court judges is appointed for life, or until retirement. Prior to 2016’s election there used to be four Republican judges and four Democrat judges the last one was supposed to be neutral.

With the last three judges the court balance is gone. Six out of nine judges are conservatives and three liberal judges remains. The result of this ruling means that abortion is prehibited in the following states; Arkansas,Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming.

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia , and Wisconsin already had regulations in place.

States with trigger laws; Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming.

As a result employeers in these states will offer free health care to their workers thus enabling them to travel out of state to get abortion where its possible. There’s a likelihood abortion in US will become a question of class as in money to travel out of state means taking time of work thus losing income for those days.

Internationally Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei, Central Africa, Chile, Congo, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, El Salvador, Gabon, Gambia, Guatemala, Guinea Bisseau, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kiribati, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Palau, Palestine, Panama, Papau New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, San Marino, Senegal, Somalia, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tonga, Tuvalo, and USA.

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Fiction genre decline

As was a direct consequence of WWII and the holocaust. Fiction genre literature is decline in Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Thre will come a time when Ukraine War will count as history not present time.

Couldn’t also be that there’s still a surge for escapism so some still demands fiction literature?

Turkey has not said they oppose a NATO expansion, they refuse to grant Sweden and Finland NATO status which would fasttrack the membership process which usually are nothing but a technicality and paper work. I believe Turkey wants to see the weapons embargo lifted so that it would enable them to import military weapons from Sweden and other NATO countries. What they really want is NATO to remove some of it’s regulations and sanctions towards Turkey. Turkey is an active war with Syria and as a direct consequence of this they have a list of 33 Swedish and Finnish people that they want to see extradited to Turkey. Let’s not forget Erdogan’s popularity among the Turkish people is declining so this could be seen as an attempt to lure some voters back.

Speaking of fiction, lately I’ve heard so many rumors about Putin this, and Putin that. Not sure I believe any of them to be true, some might while others probably aren’t true. For example there’s statesments about Mr. Putin’s declining health some say he now is terminally ill in cancer with approximately three years to live. On top of that he supposedly also has Alzheimers and therefore require constant and regular medical treatment. With this desinformation war from Russia you can’t really trust anything. What I believe is true is that it’s very likely there’s been several assassinations attempts on Puyin’s life. To put a stop to them it seems logical to claim Putin is terminally ill that way those that might have wanted to see him dead might believe there’s no need.

The war in Ukraine is still ongoing and very active in Donbas and Luhansk region. That’s not considered to be a war by Russia but instead it’s labelled a special rescue operation it’s mission is to denazify Ukraine and rescue the civilan population from its Nazi rule. This means Russia is under investigation of war crimes for breaching rules of war, they won’t be the ones who win the peace by the looks of it.

There’s no food shortage in Ukraine, because Russia still claims Crimea and now Donbas and Luhansk it’s no longer possible to export Ukrainian grains from the Black Sea. Russia is only willing to allow cargo ship to pass if most of the Russian sanctions are lifted. Speaking of sanctions Chelsea soccer club has a new owner which would mean it would be possible fir the club to extend players contracts, and maybe secure new players too. Most importantly Chelsea wiuld be able to sell tickets to not only those with subscribtions but others as well, they would also be able to sell souvenirs and serve food and beverages to fans.

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Winner of the 2022 Eurovision.

Ukraine is the winner of Eurovision 2022. Which really isn’t surprising. Kalush Orchestra won with the song Stephania. The band recieved over 400 points from the viewers.

But now I wonder, will they be able to host Eurovision 2023 in Kyiv, or anywhere in Ukraine since the Russian invasion and annextation is still active?

Politics and culture sometimes go hand in hand. Did the right song win?

Yes, I believe so. That being said, none of the 26 participants’ jury groups offered Ukraine and Kalush Orchestra high points. The group was not any jury groups favorite. Had the jury groups also given high points then I would suspect that it was rigged.

Thanks to the peoples’ vote, Ukraine was abke to win Eurovision 2022 in Turin. Making it Ukraine’s third Eurovision win.

Let’s just hope the band members get to keep their lives and health, if, or when they return to Ukraine. I pray that the Russian army will withdraw from Ukraine soil, including Crimea and Donbas. I wish no more Ukrainians are exhiled into Russia, that not another civilian is killed, there is no more Russian soldiers committing rapes on Ukrainan women, that no more civilians are tortured, that no more Ukrainan soldiers get injured in the war, that no more Ukrainan children becomes orphans, or homeless.

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France new president

Emmanuel Macron will be France president until 2027. That’s another 5 years after that there will be a new election to select the next presidentt of France.

Macron got 58,5 % compared to 2017 and 66,10 %. His opponent Marine Le Pen got 33,9% then compared to 2022 when she got 41,5 %. A better result for her, but not enough to defeat Macron. Will Le Pen try to run for French president in 2027?

In Macron’s first election the majority of voters truely voted for him and his party LRM. Now though, many voters may have placed their votes on him since he wasn’t Le Pen.

Interestingly enough, Macron was the first incumbent president of France to win a re-election in 20 years. Concerning yet not surprising is the fact that the voter turnout has decreased from 65,3 % to 63,23%.

Le Pen was against the Russian sanctions, opposed to NATO expansion, anti-EU supported a stricter immigration much like Trump and simular policies as Britain’s Prime Minister Johnson. The threat for a Francexit is gone for now.

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