Trump trial

With the upcoming general election next year it seems like the Republicans if not strongest maybe their only candidate is the current president. He has a fair chance of being re-elected in the 2020 general election.

The Democrats has attempted and failed to get 34th president impeched, that’s not surprising in the last general election the Republicans won majority in the Senate while the Democrats reclaimed the House.

This means that the House of Representatives has a fair chance of starting investigations that most likely won’t make it to the Senate.

Remember how Democrats candidate only won the peoples vote of the popular vote while the Republican candidate won the electoral votes.

The current distribution of the House is 53 Republicans in Congress against Democrats 47. House of Representatives 232 Democrats against 198 Republicans.

To this day impechment of a president has only happened twice, in 1968 and 1998.

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BREXIT general election

UK will hold a general election over BREXIT on the 12th of December.

If Boris Johnson wins he has promised a speedy BREXIT despite the fact that EU and UK still has no new agreement.

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Swedish Royal House shrinking

So a few days ago His Royal Highness King Carl XIV Gustaf announced some changes to the growing Bernadotte House.

  1. King Carl XIV Gustaf is the current monarch
  2. Crown Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Desirée, future Queen
  3. Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary, eldest child of Crown Princess
  4. Prince Oscar Carl Olof, Duke of Skåne younger brother of Estelle fourth in line of succession
  5. Prince Carl Philip Edmund Bertil, Duke of Värmland only son to current King
  6. Princess Madeleine Thérèse Amelie Josephine, Duchess of Gästrikland and Härjedalen

From this day forward the children of Prince Carl Philip, and younger Princess Madeleine will no longer be part of the Swedish Royal House they will still retain their titles but basically they’re able to live a more anonymous life without the obligations.

    Prince Alexander Erik Hubertus Bertil, Duke of Södermanland, firstborn son of Carl Philip no longer considered part of the Swedish Royal House
    Prince Gabriel Carl Walther, Duke of Dalarna younger brother of Alexander no longer part of the Swedish Royal House
    Princess Leonore Lillian Maria, Duchess of Gotland, eldest child of Princess Madeleine, no longer part of the Swedish Royal House
    Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Ångermanland younger brother to Leonore no longer part of Swedish Royal House
    Princess Adrienne Josephine Alice, Duchess of Blekinge no longer considered part of the Swedish Royal House
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Nobel Prize 2019

Nobel Prize in Physics

  1. James Peebles
  2. Michael Mayor
  3. Didier Queloz

Nobel Price in Chemistry

  1. John B. Goodenough
  2. M. Stanley Whittingham
  3. Akira Yoshino

Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

  1. Sir Peter J. Ratcliff
  2. Gregg L. Semenza

Nobel Prize in Literature

  1. Peter Handke
  2. Olga Tokarzuk 2018

Nobel Peace Prize

  1. Abiy Ahmed Ali

Nobel Prize in Economics

  1. Abhijit Banerjee
  2. Esther Duflo
  3. Michael Kremer
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DNA & identity theft

With the new DNA technique it enables you to trace your ancestry through DNA. Exciting yes, of course I think it is but in order to find potential matches it means you have to have a relative that submitted their DNA to one of the many companies.

For KADs in particular and adoptees in general it might be a great tool – or a last resort. Koreans still don’t submit their DNA to these sites unless they’ve migrated to the US.

But if someone’s certain they have ancestors in the US, or want physical proof of a blood relative it could be good.

Lately with all the new breeches of privacy and threats of identity theft if you ever submitted your DNA it basically means there’s a slight chance your results could be stolen which basically mean your identity could be stolen.


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Was anyone else surprised to hear Trump planned a state visit to Denmatk all of a sudden? I certainly was.

Some days ago Trump stated his interest in purchasing Greenland from Denmark. The Prime Minster answered Greenland’s not for sale.

As could be expected Trump eventually answered through Twitter. When Denmatk rejected the offer Trump canceled the trip to Denmark. Did he think it’s still the 19th century—a time when it was possible to buy a country’s land?

It’s the 21 centuary now, not 1803 or 1867. Not everyone or anything can be bought. Louisiana purchase of 1803 was bought from Russia for a sum of $ 15,000 billion dollars.

The Alaska purchase took place in 1867. The US bought the state for 1,5 billion dollars.

2019 wasn’t the year of the US Greenland deal. Second time things don’t go as Trump wants.

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Asap Rocky Trial

Today the anticipated verdict came from the Swedish court. Asap Rocky or Rakim Mayers were considered guilty, as was his two friends.

The US president even tried to get the rapper out of jail bh reaching out to the Swedish Prime Minister. When Trump didn’t get the deal the tune if his tone changed.

The Americans cried racism almost immediately. Trump even sent a special ransom negotiator to Sweden. In the end neither party got exactly what they wanted. The defendant sued the rapper for damages while Mr. Meyers got convicted of asault the other party wanted heftier fines the rapper wanted all charges dropped.

Mr . Meyers has a criminal conviction but doesn’t have to spend more time in jail. Maybe this was a piblicity stunt to get more African American voter in the upcoming election?

Not even Trump could help the three Americans.

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Swedish judiciary system

Unlike the US system politics and law are kept seperate. You can’t bail yourself out of jail. Sounds all good right but is it really so?

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Death of 최홍희

The founder of Taekwondo died 17 years ago on this day.

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Princess Di’s grandchildren

  1. Prince William eldest son and future King of England

2. Prince George eldest son of Prince William

3. Princess Charlotte only daughter and second child of William

4. Prince Louis second son and youngest child of William

5. Prince Harry, second son of Prince Charles & Princess Diana

6. firstborn son of Harry

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