My legal name is Jaesun , yes it’s true it’s my real legal name although it hasn’t always been my name. I used to have a Swedish personal name until I was 24…

Jag har bott i Sverige sedan jag var drygt 2 månader, varken mer eller mindre. Jag föddes i ♥Korea ♥, men lämnades bort för internationell adoption så fort det var möjligt. Mitt modersmål är svenska, inte japanska, thailändska eller koreanska.

I’m Korean by birth but I don’t speak fluent Korean but am in the process of learning the Korean language…

And I’m an adopted Korean , if you didn’t already guess it…

I  was raised in Sweden, I still live here and I do speak Swedish.

I will mostly blog in English but occassionally in Swedish since it is my mother tongue. Sometimes I will write a post in both Swedish and English but if I don’t , please don’t ask me to translate or tell you what the post is about. If it’s in Swedish there’s probably a reason for it.

I started this blog around the 23th of March 2012, if you see entries before that date it means I’ve imported entries from my other blogs…

You can reach me at jaesunsays(a)gmail[dot]com

2 Responses to About

  1. Hello Jae Sun,
    I have added you to my blog list and posted on your blog, http://www.koreanwarbaby.com/2012/07/jae-sun-says-this-swedish-kad-blog-on.html

    Thanks for blogging, keep it up.

    Don Gordon BELL,
    The Korean War Baby

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