Boycott Eurovision

Eurovision is supposed to be about music and talent but it has also been influenced by politics former Soviet countries votes for each other like neighbouring countries still does too some extent.

It was refreshing to see that this year’s winner wasn’t chosen based on politics yet still disappointing to see that it wasn’t the best act, number, or artist that won. The people who voted seemed to have voted for Israel based on the singer’s personality, and personal journey instead of choosing the best song.

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US embassy move

why on earth would US suddenly decide to move their Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

I think the reason for such move is easier explained than what most people might realize it seems to be personally motivated. What else, not really surprised there – it was for Ivanka (and her family) remember Ivanka’s husband is Jew and she is a converted Jew.

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UV index

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Pearl Harbor

On the morning of December 7th 1941, the US Naval Fleet was laying anchored at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. The Japanese Army launched a massive attack on the US Navy- it began at 7:48 AM and apparently Admiral Kimmel was accused of neglience, and blamed for the US Navy’s inability to be prepared for such attack, and to defend itself.

353 Imperial Japanese aircrafts turpedo bombers that badly damaged the entire naval fleet – four of the ships sunk. When the USS Arizona sank 1177 men went down with the ship when the as a result of a bomb detontation in a powder magazine,

An estimated total of 2335 losses and 1143 casualities from the US Army with 103 civilian losses in relation to 64 Japanese losses and one captured.

II used to think that Pearl Harbor movie was pretty accurate – for a romantic movie that is.

Not even Admiral Kimmel was made aware if the US government’s classified operation Magic – if he had he would have been able to prepare, plan and predict it.

Several years after Admiral Kimmel’s dismissal from the Navy was he able to finally see for himself exactly how aware and prepared the US government had been for an attack on American strengths on US soil. The detailed investigation was able to determine that Admiral Kimmel was innocent , instead it was Lieutenant General Short that had vital information that he failed to convey to Admiral Kimmel.

As a result Admiral Kimmel was never awarded his fourth star, in the eyes of ghe public it still is Admiral Kimmel’s fault.

For 73 years the average American was raised into believing that the Pearl Harbor attack was to blamed on Admiral Kimmel even though he was kept in the dark about the Japanese plans.

There has been a plea from the Kimmel’s to exhonorate him for negligence and responsibility in the Pearl Harbor attack. Will Trump finally be the first president that believes history should be rewritten?

There has been 13 presidents (including Trump) since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Admiral Kimmel was convinced that the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor was orchestrated by the US president since a direct attack on US soil would mean that US Army would be able to directly be involved in active war fare.

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  1. Magnus Eriksson
  2. Erik Magnusson,

  • Håkan Magnusson, born 1340-11th September 1380.
  • Margareta Valdemarsdotter, wife of Håkan.
  • Albrekt of Mecklenburg, born 1338-1st April 1412. King of Sweden 15th February 1364-24th February 1389.
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Eurovision 2019

Well, not surprisingly Sweden didn’t win this year’s Eurovision.

I confess I had a diificult time with Benjamin Ingrossi – he seemed cocky and fake even though the first impression was of a cheerful, happy, positive person.

Maybe Europe is starting to get tired of Swedish pop music – we can’t expect to win every year.

Swedish singer’s won in 1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012, and 2015.

Benjamin’s song ended on 7th place – even though it technically was an impressive number

With the international MeToo movement it seemed right that a woman won. The Israeli singer’s personality, number, and song stood out from the rest.

And it was a happy,cheerful, and quirky that I loved.

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US North Korea meeting

Suposedly, both North Korea and US will meet in exactly a month’s time. I say supposedly because I’m sceptical that there finally will be an official peace treaty or armistice agreement. Unless Trump brings Dennis Rodman or another talented and tall basketbll player.

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