House of Vasa

  • Gustaf Vasa, born 12th May 1496-29th September 1560, first monarch of Vasa
  • Katarina of Sachsen-Lauenburg, born 24th September 1513-23rd September 1535, first wife of Gustaf I
  • Margareta Eriksdotter Leijonhufvud, born January 1st 1516-26th August 1551, second wife of Gustaf I
  • Katarina  Gustavsdotter Stenbock, born 22nd July 1535-13th December 1621, third wife of Gustaf I

  1. Erik XIV, born 13th December 1577-26th February 1777, heir of Gustav Vasa

  2. Karin Månsdotter, 6th November 1550-13th September 1612, wife of Erik XIV
  3. Sigrid Eriksdotter Vasa, born 15th October 1566-24th April 1633, legitimate through marriage
  4. Gustav Eriksson Vasa Jr,born 28th Janaury 1568-February 1607, son and heir of Erik XIV
  5. Henrik, 1570-1574, son of Erik XIV and Karin
  6. Arnold, 1572-1573, son of Erik XIV and Karin
  7. Johan III, born 20th December 1537-17th November 1792, second son of Gustaf Vasa through Margareta Leijonhufvud
  8. Katarzyna Jagiellonka, born 1st September 1526-16th September 1583, first wife of Johan III
  9. Elisabet Isabella,  1564-18th January 1566, firstborn child of Johan III and Katarina
  10. Sigsmund, 1566-1632, eldest son of Johan III and Katarina
  11. Anna, 1568-1628, second daughter of Johan III and Katarina
  12. Gunilla Johansdotter Bielke, born 25th June 1568-25th June 1597, second wife of Johan III
  13. Duke Johan, born 18th April 1589-5th March 1618, third son of Johan III through Gunnila
  14. Karl IX, borrn 4th October 1550-30th October 1611, youngest son of Gustaf Vasa
  15. Maria of Pfalz, born 24th July 1561-29th July 1589, first wife of Karl IX
  16. Margareta Elisabeth, born 24th September 1580-26th August 1585, firstborn child of Karl IX and Maria
  17. Elisabet Sabina, born 12th March 1582-6th July 1585, second child of Karl IX and Maria
  18. Katarina Karlsdotter Vasa, born 10th November 1584-13th December 1638, only surving heir of Karl IX and Maria
  19. Gustaf, born 12th Jun 1587-4th December, fourth child of Karl IX and Maria
  20. Maria, born 18th December 1588-24th April 1589, youngest child of Karl IX and Maria
  21. Kristina of Holstein-Gottorp, born 12th April 1573-8th December 1625, second wife of Karl IX
  22. Gustaf II Adolf, born 9th December 1594-6th November 1611, male heir of Karl IX and Kristina
  23. Maria Elisabet, born 10th March 1596-7th August 1618, second child of Karl IX and Kristina
  24. Kristina, born 1589-1599, third child of Karl IX and Kristina
  25. Karl Filip, born 22nd April 1601-25th January 1622, youngest son of Karl IX and Kristina
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Snow or sunshine

  1. Rome , Italy last time it snowed 2012. Usually every 25th year.
  2. Miami, Florida. 1899 and 1977.
  3. Sahara Desert, December 16th 2016, 1979.
  4. Sydney, Australia, 2007 and 1836.
  5. Baghdad, Iraq, 2008.
  6. Lisbon, Portugal, January 2006.
  7. Malibu, California end of 2008.
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada December 2008.
  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina June 22nd 1918, July 9th 2007.
  10. San Diego, California 1967.
  11. Hawaii, December 2016.
  12. New Orleans, Louisiana 1895.
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Oprah for president

So ever since Donald Trump, won the US presidential election US politics has changed, the US society has not been the same. And if Donald Trump could do it, then I guess anyone could win (provided that they run for the presidential election).

Hilary Clinton was defeated,Ivanka Trump is trying something, maybe Oprah Winrey will succeed.

Well I’m just waiting for Donald Trump’s tweet where he would call this rumor fake news.

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Fire and fury

So there’s yet another book trying to analyze the 45th US president. This one is written by Michael Wolff, with extensive comments from Steve Bannon.

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Damn cancer

  1. Michael Nyqvist 8 november 1960 – 27 juni 2017
  2. Richard Wolf 8 april 1958- 17 november 2017
  3. Johannes Brost 25 september 1946 – 4 januari 2018

When will it stop I wonder…

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A vegan chocolate free future

Experts predicts a tragic future for serious chocoholics. They have predicted that (all) chocolate may be extinct in about 30 years due to the changed climate and poverty.if that is true, then I believe it will become more expensive and available only to those who lives on a unlimited budget like the royal class, and world leaders as in presidents, professional athletes, singers, and actors, and actresses.

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Suddenly it’s trendy

Different diets seems to be something exclusively for the privileged. If you were actually starving or trying to survive in an current armed conflict I think you might be less concerned with deliberately limiting or excluding main staples. But then again I could be wrong.

Obesity among the world’s population is increasing. If the thing to do in 2017 was to have a meat free day – then for 2018 it’s to try eating vegetarian (or vegan meals). That said generally speaking, an omnivore diet is more unhealthy then a plantbased or vegetarian one. People generally it less fruit and vegetables than what’s recommended. It’s unrealistic to think that 7,6 billion population unanimously suddenly will become vegans. If that happened the meat industry, cattle farms, and professional fishermen and fisheries would be unemployed. With an increased interest in (plantbased) vegetarian and vegan dishes it suddenly means that it no longer is boring to adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Although the vegan main staples (excluding fruit and vegetables) might run out faster.

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