191 not 202

I was utterly convinced I finished my first Half Marathon in 3,22 hours – but I checked the homepage apparently I finished in 3,11 (191 minutes not 202.)

Since I already completed two 10K runs, and one 5K run last year I decided to signup for my first Half Marathon already.

I cancelled my application – only to re-cancel it a few weeks later. By September I conciously decided to start follow a training schedule specifically for Half Marathon.

I did not tell anyone of my plans – not until a few months later did I tell my brother , but only that I had signed up for my first Half Marathon – not when it was. My parents was not told until February and by then they already made other plans.

It suited me fine since neither of my parents thought I was fit enough to finish a Half Marathon after just a year of concious running and racing. As a result I had no family member or friend at the race to cheer me on.

My father was pretty disappointed that he was unable to come- especially after I told him that I managed to finish the race in 3,22 (202 minutes) but when I checked the logged results it said 3,11 (191 minutes) so I finished my first Half Marathon on an even faster time than I originally thought.

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