2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

The truth is that the Korean conflict is latent, at best and it currently seems like the reunification of North Korea won’t happen in the near future but probably and hopefully within a decade.

Because of this the US has mainly been sceptical towards participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The South Korean president decided to offer North Korea an invitation to participate in the Olympic Games – perhaps it was a strategy to include North Korea with the hopes of making the regime less likely to continue their nuclear threats and military demonstrations. Thereby also, appeasing the rest of the world the Korean conflict was temporarilly paused.

What this means is that it will temporarilly appear almost as if South Korea and North Korea no longer are at war. To clarify South Korea used to be part of a unified Korea until 1953. South Korea doesn’t appear to view North Korea as an enemy instead it seems to me that North Korea considers both the US and South Korea as big threats and enemies. So the fact North Korean athletes compete alongside South Korean athletes as one Korea most be seen as the biggest PR stunt to this day since it actually gives the North Korean regime free publicity.

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