Leather, suede, wool, and mohair

  • Wool is more environmentally friendly in terms of longviety compared to other materials. But its produced from sheep furr so not particularly animal or vegan friendly. So its autumn season now and winter is fast approching – but there’s no need to wear wool, or mohair just to keep warm. Not to mention that some people might feel like authentic wool is itchy against the skin. Myself included.
  • Mohair usually comes from a specific breed of rabbits. Also, some people keep rabbits as pets – would you want to someone’s (pet) rabbit to lose their life just so you could be trendy and warm? So again, actually not animal friendly. Unfortunately it seems to be a higher demand for mohair yarn compared to regular wool. But is it the latest trend worth the suffering of innocent animals? 
  • Leather generally comes from slathered animals most comingly either horse, bull or cow. Again, its produced from animal hyde. If you want leather look for pleather fake leather these days looks uncanilly similar to the real thing. The only thing you might loose out on is the scent from authentic leather. 
  • Many people engage in equastarian activities which includes horses. Some people treat their horses as domestic pets and sometimes as their children.  Could you consume food knowing that the meat came from someones horse, or would you feel good wearing the skin of a little child’s favorite horse? Suede most commonly comes from the same animals and process that produces leather. Just like pleather there are perfectally fine fake suede that looks and feels just real suede. Of course there’s a distinct scent from authentic suede that might be difficult to replicate. That’s the only down side I can think of. It’s not worth it. Oftentimes autentic leather and suede are delibrately sold as fake pleather and psuede. The demand for authentic leather and suede are deminishing. Its diffucult for retailers to compete with pricing of fake pleather and psuede.  I wear fake pleather and suede with pride knowing that no innocent animals lifes were cruely and prematurely ended.
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