Monthly calorie burn

My daily calories are 1811.

On the following three days I do weight lifting and strength training. So on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I burn a mere 181 calories.

Those days are my less sedementary active days and I’m allowed to consume (eat) 1992 calories.

Compared to the three days I go running – its either 2274 calories or 2479 calories, or 2531 calories.

On Tuesdays I burn 462 calories –

Thursdays I burn 668 calories and Saturdays I burn 720 calories.

I only have on day of resting – Sundays. On those days I don’t get any extra calories. Only 1811 calories.  In just one week I get the following weekly calorie count 15071 calories. There’s four weeks in a month which should be 60284 calories.

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