There’s literarilly a gazillion of different diets out there, these days available for the mainstream.

Before I made a concious choice towards switching to a plant based diet I already knew what caused my indigestion. The answer was pretty simple – just remove all animal protein and eat more plantbased food instead.

I won’t lie, I already tried most of the known diets known to man. LCHF worked- until the point were I cheated and continued consuming large amounts of animal protein and lots of fat dairy products and basically little vegetables. I avoided fruit and carbohydrates. 

I even tried intermittent fasting – only eating once a day at 1PM. In hindsight I don’t recommend eating just once a day, although I believe in the principle of intermittent fasting. Doing it like I did was extremely unhealthy, sure I reached my goal weight and even lost some more. But in the last stage I most have lost muscle mass. I felt chronically tired and fatigued- I had no energy. 

I had a high temperature, got exhausted by just moving different parts of my body (basic walking, lifting things, moving my arms).

While paleo and a vegan diet both basically are very restrictive. They are not the same. A vegan diet is plant based and centred around (fast) carbohydrates, the paleo diet doesn’t allow any processed or unnatural carbohydrates. The diet allows natural unprocessed animal protein, but no dairy. Since both diets are equally restrictive they rely on suppliments.

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