Birgitte Macron vs. Ivanka Trump

So let’s make a comparison between the First Lady of France and the US First (Daughter). 

Birgitte Macron, is someone I look up to. She is elegant and classy. To me her only vice is that she met Mr . Macron while she she still was his teacher. 

The 45th US president’s third wife is Melania Trump. Up until recently it seemed as if she never would move into the White House. So who took the First Lady’s role? Of course, none other than the President’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump. 

I believe there even are a mediocre movie with the title First Daughter or the President’s daughter.

Going back to the Macron couple, there are an age difference of 25 years. Nothing remarkable with that, what seems to be out of the ordinary is that Mr . Macron met his thrn future wife while she still was his High School teacher. Would there have been the same objections if the First Lady was 25 years her husband’s junior? Unfortunately I doubt that. France new president is the youngest to date – so who could honestly blame him for wanting to rely on his older, more experienced wife? 

I think its more remarkable that First Daugther of America has an office in the White House, while no stores has removed her brand items from the shelf. Something is very wrong when the US president promotes his own daughter’s brand, while also advertising his golf resorts. 

Where is the world headed..? I thought society could respect, accept and embrace a husband that is younger than his wife. Has it something to do with the fact that Emmanuel Macron is Birgitte Macron’s second husband – Birgitte Macron was never widoved from her first husband. So yes she’s a divorcée, with three grown children who happens to be older than her husband. I got to say, I actually admire Emmanuel Macron, I admire him for his determination – at 17 he knew Mrs . Trogneaux and that he did. He seems to be confident, and strong enough to go after what he wants. Had he been a woman some  might have called him an oppertunist, or a golddigger.

Of course, it might be unseemly that Mr . Macron met his future wife while she still were married to her first husband. Especially since France’s official religion is Catholicism. 

Personally I respect myself enough to never put myself in a similar situation. But I do think its admiable that Mr . Macron actually married Mrs . Trogneux. 

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