Vegetarian desserts

Since I’m still a lacto-ovo vegetarian there’s quite a few options, as far as desserts goes. Most pastries includes dairy and egg. But a really underestimated and underappreciated dessert is some fresh fruit. Nothing beats a big fruit sallad.

I (have made a concious choice to avoid dairy and eggs) on most days even though I still consider myself to be a lacto-ovo vegetarian even though I try to follow a vegan diet. 

But I confess I don’t have sweet tooth as such – but I used to enjoy fancy cheeses and was known for eating ice cream all year round. I’ll miss the posh French cheeses, as well as the fancy Italian cheeses. 

One of my favorite fruit desserts, includes the ever so famous Gino dessert, otherwise you could just serve your favorite fruits with some chocolate, or sparkle ponegranate seeds over your favorite fruits and berries.

Just beware regular white chocolate usually consists of dairy, although there are vegan options for white chocolate available these days.

Speaking of vegan dessert options, these days there also are vegan icecream available. 

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