Royal Congratulations 

On this day – 40 years ago, to be exact was the day that the young King of Sweden became a father for the first time. 

However, at that time back in 1977 the Swedish monarchy and its constution rested on the principle of primogeniture. It wasn’t until 1981, and the birth of the then Crown Prince Carl Philip that the Swedish constitution was changed to absolute primogeniture to replace the agnatic primogeniture. 

Starting from January 1st 1981, the future monarch of Sweden was Crown Princess Victoria Ingrid Alice Desirée Bernadotte. 

Prince Carl Philip is the 3rd in line of succession after his older sister Crown Princess Victoria as well as her children, but before his younger sister Princess Madeleine. His children are above his younger sister and her children.

Although Prince Carl Philip, only is the 4th in line of the Swedish succession he currently has number 284 in the British line of succession. 

Grattis till Sveriges framtida drottning på hennes 40 årsdag. För nuvarande ser det ut som om även nästa generation kommer ha en kvinnlig monark. 

Den tionde juni firade Kronprinsessparet sjuårig bröllopsdag. Prins Daniel blev då prins av Sverige och hertig över Västergötland. Kronprinsessparets första barn, dottern Estelle Sylvia Ewa Mary föddes den 23 februari 2012. Prinsessan Estelle är hertiginna av Östergötland. Prinsessan Estelle fick ett syskon den andra mars 2016. Prins Oscar Carl Olof är hertig över Skåne. 

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