Donald Trump aka Henry VIII

Donald Trump, Henry VIII

  1. Catherine of Aragon (divorced), Ivanka Trump
  2. Anne Boleyn (beheaded), Marla Maples
  3. Jane Seymour, (deceased)Melanie Trump
  4. Anne of Cleves, divorced ???
  5. Catherine Howard,divorced ???
  6. Catherine Parr, survived
  • Thomas Wolsey, Mike Pence
  • Cromwell, Mike Flynn
  • Duke of Norfolk, Reince Priebus

If NAFTA is dissolved, and all producted transfered back it will ean that US exports will be more expensive. It may lead to an international trade embargo against the US. So would that really help rebuild the US economy ?

If the US decides to stop supporting EPA again- the rest of the world could implement high tariffs on US imports.


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