Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan

After determining that there has been foreign involvement in three states, and a Trump vicory in states that had electronic voting. It seems like the votes Wisconsin finally will be recounted. Not sure if that is enough for Clinton to be proclaimed the winner of 2016’s presidential election.

Wisconsin “only” has 10 electoral votes so it would mean president elect Trump losses his lead by 10 votes down to 280 instead of 290 and 242 instead of 232 electoral votes for Clinton.

Michigan has 16 electoral votes and if we assume Clinton will indeed claim Wisconsin’s 10 it would decrease Clinton’s from 232 to 258. And Trump’s decrease as well from 280 to 264.

And lastly if Clinton manages to claim Pennsylvania’s 20 votes. Trump’s victory would decrease from 264 to 244. For a tie only 269 votes would be needed. Such prediction would mean that the winner of 2016’s presidential election would indeed be a woman and not a man. If the folowing would happen then Clinton and the Democrats would win with 294 electoral votes to 244.

That being said Michigan’s 16 electoral votes has yet to counted, early estimates predicted a Republican Trump victory in Michigan as well. So maybe Donald Trump won the electoral vote with 306 instead of 290.

Obama will leave office and move out of the White House on January 20th regardless of who will become the 45th US president and Obama’s successor.

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