Clinton or Trump

It was discovered that Clinton incorrectly used her private email server for sending government communication.

Once again Clinton was hit by the latest revelation that her private email server from her time as Foreign Minister contained  emails with a questionable content. FBI was told not release this information before the US election. For a second time, that being said she was not responsible for sending those it said to belong the spouse of an employee of Clinton’s staff.

Meanwhile Trump, has managed to prove once and for all what his views on women and feminism are. I’m not surprised. According to him women that are unattractive should lose their US citizenship. It doesn’t help at that he previously made racist comments about Latin Americans and basically any ethnic minority group. While his wife is a Slavic immigrant yet neutralized citizen. Many fellow Republicans therefore decided not to continue endorsing Trump. Who knows what he’ll say next !? Maybe it’s still a slight chance that Mr Trump will be the next US president from 2016 to 2020 and perhaps even 2024. Who knows!? Apparently some Latin American Republicans still support him as some of his fellow Republicans still seems to do. Although endorsing and voting isn’t exactly the same. He has made 277 scandalous statements.

In national polls Clinton still has 45,5 % of voters while Trump has 42,2 %. But those numbers are actually not reliable since all 51 states has their own separate election. In a serwey it appears that Clinton has won 272 electoral votes while Trump seems to remain at 179. That means Clinton only has 3 votes from a tie, the battleground states that still doesn’t appear to have decided yet are

  • Arizona (11)
  • Florida (29)
  • Main cd1 (1)
  • Nebraska cd1 (1)
  • Nevada (6)
  • North Carolina (16)
  • Ohio (18)
  • Utah (6)

Meaning that 87 electoral votes are up for grabs. In the previous election Arizona’s electoral votes went to the Republicans, Florida’s 29 electoral votes was given to the Democrats, Maine’s cd1 electoral vote went to the Democrats, Nebraska’s cd1 vote went to Republicans, Nevada’s 6 votes went to the Democrats, North Carolina’s 15 was given to the Republicans, Ohio’s 18 went to the Democrats, as Utah’s 6 went to the Republicans.

If the 2012 electionis any indication which I doubt, then it seems as if the Democrats might have a predicted lead with 332 electoral votes against 206. Or take 2008 election result, that would indicate that the Republicans win with a greater majority than 332 instead 359 against 179.

There seems to be a few scenarios were Trump actually might become the next US president.

  1. 270 for Trump and 268 for Clinton (if Trump manages to win Maine and Nebraska)
  2. 290 Trump 248 for Clinton (if Trump convinces Colorado, Nevada and New Hampshire)
  3. 279 Trump 259 for Clinton (if Florida, Georgia and North Carolina votes Republican)
  4. 275 against 263 for Clinton (if Trump wins Arizona, Colorado,Florida, Nevada and New Mexico)
  5. 279 for Trump 259 for Clinton (if Trump win both elections in Maine and New Hampshire)
  6. 287 for Trump and 251 for Clinton (if a majority of previous Democratic middleclass voters ends up voting for him).

One thing is certain in just four days we will know the outcome and if the 45th US president will be a woman or not.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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