House of Bourbon

The current Youse of Bourbon is the current House of the Spanish Royal family. It was originally founded in 1268 by Robert Count of Claremont the sixth son of Louis IX of France.

The first King who belonged to House of Bourbon was Philipe V. Spain has at times abandoned the monarchy for republic rule. The first period that the House of Bourbon represented the Spanish monarchy was from 1700-1808. After a breif unsuccesful period of Joseph Bonaparte as the monarch who eventually chose to abdicate in 1813. From 1813-1868 House of Bourbon was reestablished as a Spanish monarchy.

  1. Philipe V, great-grand son of Philipe IV
  2. Louis I, son of Philipe V
  3. Philipe V, father of Louis I*
  4. Ferdinand VI, son of Philipe V
  5. Charles III, son of Philipe V
  6. Charles IV, son of Charles III
  7. Ferdinand VII, son of Charles IV first restoration
  8. Isabella II, Queen of Spain daughter to Ferdinand VII
  9. Alfonso XII, son of Isabella II second restoration
  10. Alfonso XIII, son of Alfonso XII
  11. Juan Carlos I, grandson of XIII third restoration
  12. Felipe IV, son of Juan Carlos current monarch
  13. Leonore, Princess of Asturias Heir Apparent eldest daughter to Felipe IV
  14. Infanta Sofia of Spain, second daughter to Felipe IV

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