House of Grimaldi

The House of Grimaldi was founded in 1070 by Grimaldo Canella. And the Grimaldi House belongs to the Italian family as well as Albanian Durazzo family.

  1. Grimaldo Canella, son of Otto Canella. 
  2. Oberto Canella, possibly son to Grimaldo since he succeded the same
  3. Grimaldo, son of Uberto 
  4. Ingo, possibly brother to Grimaldo
  5. Lanfranco, son of Grimaldo
  6. Luca, possibly son of Ingo and first cousin of Ingo
  7. Rainier I of Monaco, considered the first sovereign ruler of Monaco eldest son of Lanfranco brother to Gabriel
  8. Charles I, eldest son of Rainier I
  9. Louis I, eldest son of Charles I,
  10. Rainier II, brother of Louis I, ruled with brother Antonio and nephew Gabriel
  11. Jean I, brothers Ambroise & Antione
  12. Catalan Grimaldi, son of Jean I
  13. Claudine, spouse to Lambert of Monaco
  14. Lamberto Grimaldi, husband to Claudine
  15. Jean II, son of Lamberto
  16. Lucien, brother of Jean II
  17. Honoré I, youngest son to Lucien
  18. Charles II, eldest son of Honoré
  19.  Hercule, younger brother of Charles II
  20. Ercolé, youngest son of Honoré
  21. Honoré II, first to be called Prince of Monaco, son of Herculé
  22. Louis I, eldest son of Honoré II
  23. Antonio I, eldest son of Louis I
  24. Louise Hippolyte, Sovereign Princess of Monaco only offspring to Antonio I
  25. Jacques I, son of Louise Hippolyte
  26. Honoré III, son of Jacques I
  27. Honoré IV, son of Honoré III
  28. Honoré V, eldest son to Honoré IV
  29. Florestan I, younger brother of Honoré V
  30. Charles III, only son to Florestan I
  31. Albert I, son of Charles III
  32. Louis II, son of Albert
  33. Rainier III, maternal grandson to Louise II
  34. Caroline, Princess of Hanover oldest child of Rainier III
  35. Albert II, current monarch
  36. Stéphanie, Princess of Monaco yyoungest child of Rainier III
  37. Jacques II, younger twin son Crown regent
  38. Gabriella,  older twin sister to Jacques II

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