Liechenstein Princely Family

The Liechenstein Princely Family may in fact be the oldest Royal House that still remains in power being founded in 1608 by Karl I.

  1. Karl I, first Prince of Liechtenstein
  2. Karl Eusebius, son of Karl I
  3. Hans-Adam I, son of Karl Esebius
  4. Prince Philip Erasmus, father to Joseph Wenzel
  5. Joseph Wenzel I, nephew to Anton Florian
  6. Anton Florian, First Prince of Liechtenstien and the Principality of Liechenstein
  7. Joseph Johann Adam, only son of Anton Florian
  8. Joseph Wenzel I*, eldest son of Prince Philip  and nephew to Anton Florian
  9. Johann Nepomuk Karl, nephew to Joseph Wenzel
  10. Franz Joseph I, nephew of Joseph Wenzel I
  11. Aloys I, eldest son of Johann I Joseph
  12. Johann I Joseph, fourth son of Franz Joseph I, last monarch to rule under the Holy Roman empire
  13. Aloys II
  14. Johann II, son of Aloys II
  15. Franz I, second son of Aloys II
  16. Franz Joseph II, great nephew to Franz I
  17. Hans-Adam II, current monarch
  18. Prince Phillip, second son of Franz Joseph II
  19. Prince Nikolaus, third son of Franz Joseph II
  20. Princess Nora, Marchioness of Marino, only daughter and fourth child of Franz Joseph II
  21. Prince Wenzel, youngest son and fifth child of Franz Joseph II
  22. Alois, Hereditary Prince eldest son of Hans-Adam II
  23. Prince Maximilian, second son of Hans-Adam II
  24. Prince Constantine, third son of Hans Adam II
  25. Princess Tatiana, only daughter and fourth child of Hans-Adam II

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