House of Windsor

The founder of the current House of Windsor was George V, he was not born as the Crown regent although since he was second in line in the British succession he was expected to become the next King of the United Kingdom, and British Diminons as well as Emperor of India. Prior to the death of his older brother on the 6th of May 1910.

The House of Windsor was not founded until 1917 when the government decided they needed to seperate themselves from the previous House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in lieu of the First World War.

Victoria I married her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe and Gotha through their nine children and their marriages most of the European monarchies are related.

  1. Victoria Princess Royal, eldest daughter of Victoria and Albert married into Houe of Hozenholler
  2. Edward VII, second child of Victoria and Albert married into Danish House of Glücksburg
  3. Princess Alice , Grand duchess of Hesse and by Rhine, third child and second daughter married into German House Hesse-Darmstadt
  4. Prince Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, fourth child and second son married into Russian House Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov
  5. Helena, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, fifth child and third daughter married into Danish House of  Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg
  6. Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, sixth cild and fourth daughter married Duke of Argyll
  7. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn seventh child and third son married into House of Hozenholler
  8. Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, eight child and fourth son married into House Waldeck and Pyrmont
  9. Batrice, Princess Henry of Mountbatten married into House of Battenberg

The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was in turn established as late as 1826.


  1. George V or George Frederick Ernest Albert, Duke of York and born as Prince of Wales
  2. Edward VIII, successor of George V as eldest son abdicated in favor of his younger brother
  3. George VI, successor of Edward VIII as second son to George V
  4. Mary, Princess Royal, Countess of Harewood third child of George V
  5. Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester fouth child of George V
  6. Prince George, Duke of Kent fifth child of George V
  7. Prince John, sixth and youngest child of George V
  8. Elizabeth II, current monarch eldest daughter to George VI
  9. Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon second daughter of George VI
  10. Charles Prince of Wales, Crown Regent eldest son of Elizabeth
  11. Anne, Princess Royal second child to Elizabeth
  12. Prince Andrew, Duke of York third child of Elizabeth
  13. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
  14. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge future King and eldest son to Prince of Wales
  15. Prince George, future King and eldest son of Prince William

The British monarchy has previously practised agnatic succession but with marriage of Prince William and Kate of Middleton they reintroduced cognatic rule.

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