US Presidental Primary schedule

  1. Monday February 1st, Iowa caucus
  2. Tuseday February 9th, New Hampshire
  3. Saturday February 20th, Nevada caucus Republicans
  4. Saturday February 20th, South Carolina Republicans
  5. Tuesday February 23rd, Nevada caucus Democrats
  6. Saturday February 27th, South Carolina Democrats

  7. Tuesday March 1st, Alabama
  8. Tuesday March 1st, Alaska caucus Republicans
  9. Tuesday March 1st, American Samoa caucus Democrats
  10. Tuesday March 1st, Arkansas
  11. Tuesday March 1st, Colorado caucus
  12. Tuesday March 1st, Georgia
  13. Tuesday March 1st, Massachusetts
  14. Tuesday March 1st, Minnesota caucus
  15. Tuesday March 1st, North Dakota caucus Republicans
  16. Tuesday March 1st, Oklahoma
  17. Tuesday March 1st, Tennessee
  18. Tuesday March 1st, Texas
  19. Tuesday March 1st, Vermont
  20. Tuesday March 1st, Wyoming caucus Republicans
  21. Saturday March 5th, Kansas caucus
  22. Saturday March 5th, Kentucky caucus Republicans
  23. Saturday March 5th, Louisiana
  24. Saturday March 5th, Maine caucus Republicans
  25. Saturday March 5th, Nebraska caucus  Democrats

  26. Sunday March 6th, Maine caucus Democrats

  27. Sunday March 6th, Puerto Rico, Republicans
  28. Tuesday March 8th, Hawaii caucus Repbulicans
  29. Tuesday March 8th, Idaho Republicans
  30. Tuesday March 8th, Michigan
  31. Tuesday March 8th, Mississippi
  32. Tuesday March 8th, Democrats Abroad
  33. Sunday March 12th, Guam Republican convention
  34. Sunday March 12th, Northern Marianas caucus Democrats
  35. Sunday March 12th, District of Columbia caucus Republicans
  36. Tuesday March 15th, Florida
  37. Tuesday March 15th, Illinios
  38. Tuesday March 15th, Missouri
  39. Tuesday March 15th, North Carolina
  40. Tuesday March 15th, Northern Marianas caucus Republicans
  41. Tuesday March 15th, Ohio
  42. Saturday March 19th, Virgin Island caucus Republicans
  43. Tuesday March 22nd, American Samoa Republican convention
  44. Tuesday March 22nd, Arizona
  45. Tuesday March 22nd, Idaho caucus Democrats
  46. Tuesday March 22nd, Utah
  47. Saturday March 26th, Alaska caucus Democrats
  48. Tuesday March 26th, Hawaii caucus Democrats
  49. Tuesday March 26th, Washington caucus Democrats

  50. Tuesday April 4th, Wisconsin

  51. Saturday April 9th, Wyoming caucus Democrats
  52. Tuesday April 19th, New York
  53. Tuesday April 26th, Connecticut
  54. Tuesday April 26th, Delaware
  55. Tuesday April 26th, Maryland
  56. Tuesday April 26th, Pennsylvania
  57. Tuesday April 26th, Rhode Island

  58. Tuesday May 3rd, Indiana

  59. Saturday May 7th, Guam Democrats
  60. Tuesday May 10th, Nebraska Republicans
  61. Tuesday May 10th, West Virginia
  62. Tuesday May 17th, Kentucky Democrats
  63. Tuesday May 17th, Oregon
  64. Tuesday May 24th, Washington Republicans

  65. Saturday June 4th, Virgin Island caucus Democrats

  66. June 5th, Puerto Rico caucus Democrats
  67. Tuesday June 7th, California
  68. Tuesday June 7th, Montana
  69. Tuesday June 7th, New Jersey
  70. Tuesday June 7th, New Mexico
  71. Tuesday June 7th, North Dakota caucus Democrats
  72.  Tuesday June 14th, District of Columbia, Democrats

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