Ted Cruz or Donald Trumph

It may perhaps need to be said again, Ted Cruz is not a natural born citizen he was in fact born in Calgery , Alberta. Yet he continues to be on one of the Republicans most popular candidates. Even though the constitution says anyone he runs for president most be a natural born citizen. What would happen if Ted Cruz ends up as the Republicans chosen candidate ? Will he be disqualifed or not? I think that it may be possible for Ted Cruz to become a a president,, given his age and the fact that iit’s his first election and most iimportantly his mother is an American citizen making him a second generation American.

I sincerely hope Donald Trump doesn’t end up as the chosen candidate for the Republicans or the Democrats. Mr Trump was a Democrat until 1987 and a Republican from 1987 til 1999. From 1999 to 2001 he supported the Reform Party and from 2001-2011 he was an independent politician although he switched back to Republicans in 2012 and remains one of the Republicans strongest candidates.

The current president Barack Obama was born on Hawaii, Honolulo but his father was born in Niarobi Kenya. Speaking of Barack Obama one of the last things he is hoping to achieve is to reform the gun laws and possibly outlaw and abandon the 2nd amendment right which means the right to bear arms. I mean it’s remarkable to me that many US states still insist on keeping the gun laws. When the 2nd amendment was created in 1789 and established in 1791. Until 1794 the US constitution consisted of 11 amendments and it’s 2016 now and you would think some of the amendments would be outdated.

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