Cancer the biggest threat in life

So 2016 has just barely begun and already the world is forced to mourn and deal with the death of two big people. Stevie Wonder and Alan Rickman. Stevie Wonder’s career begun back in 1962 and he is without a doubt one of the few successful singers that managed to keep up with time and become somehat of a legend and an icon. Not many singers these days can manage the same…

unfortunately passed away days before his 69th birthday. Nobody knew he battled with cancer… R.I.P David Bowie 47 1/8-16 1/10. May your music last forever…

Just a few days ago as the world struggled to cope with the loss of Stevie Wonder another respected and talented person would become a victim of the same disease. British actor Alan Rickman who would have celebrated his 69th birthday next month. The movie industry has lost another talented and respected actor. R.I.P Alan Rickman 46 2/21-16 14/1. I will remember you in your many movies. May their deaths not be in vain…

That said, death is horrible but it’s a natural part of life although cancer still remains one of the most deadliest diseases. For women it’s breast cancer and for men it’s prostate cancer while skin cancer, brain tumors or stomach cancer is common for both men and women. And it’s not a disease that is a result of obesity or dieting. It also affects people from all over the world, the young, the poor and the old. Cancer has always existed but it’s only during the 20th century that cancer was discovered. There are treatments now to battle cancer but no universal cure even though some people can be cured from cancer.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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