A New Greece

In comparision Alexis Tsipras leader of Syriza whom weas elected as PM in january of this year is not a married man instead he has a registred partner Peristera Batizana whom he has been living with for thirty years now. They have two children Phebos and Orpheus Ernesto.  Tsipras became an electric engineer in 2010 from studies at the National Technical University of Athens. After graduating he has been undertaking studies in Urban and Regional Planning at the School of Architecture at NTU.

Mr Tsipras announced his decision to resign in August of last year.

Yanis Varoufakis was elected as the new Finance Minister when Tsipras took his office, he is an Alma mater of university of Essex and University of Birmingham. He is also a private consultant for gaming company Valve. He has a daughter living in Sydney with his first wife Margarite Poulos and his second wife is Dranae Stratou.

Economist Euclid Tsakalotos succeeded Varoufakis in July prior to becoming Greece new Minister of Finance he was Alternate Minister for International Economic Relations. He has been a member of Syriza since 2012. Tsakalatos wife is a Scottish economist and they have a small family of three children. Tsakalatos begun his life in Rotterdam went on to have a private education and was enrolled in Oxford and Sussex. He used to teach economics in Kent as well as Athens Univeristy were he still is a teaching professor.

The opposition is represented by New Democracy and the party leader Antonis Samaras. He has an MBA in Economics from Harward. Samaras met his wife Georgia in 1989 and they were married a year later the couple has two children daughter Lena and son Konstantinos.

Karolos Papoulias was president of Greece from 2005 til 2015 he was a previous leader of the New Democracy party prior to becoming president he had extensive experience as the Minister of Foreign Affairs a position he held twice; from 1985-1989 and 1993-1996. He studied law at Univeristy of Athens and Univeristy of Milan, he completed a doctorate in international law from University of Cologne. Apart from Greek he is fluent in French, German and Italian. He lost the general election in 2015 which appointed Prokopis Pavlopoulos as the new President of Greece.

Prokopis Pavlopoulos won the general election in March with 233 votes , he too is a leader and member of New Democracy. Pavlopoulos used to be a lawyer and university professor prior to becoming a politician. The law degree was achived in Athens University, he has a PhD in Public Law, he become a lecturer at Univerity of Athens in 1980, became Reader a year later and a professor two years later, he became Professor of Adminstrative Law in 1989 and was a faculty member Panthéon-Assas University since 1986.

His held the position of Minister of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation between 2004-2007 as well  Minister for the Interior and Public Order from 2007 to 2009.

He is a married man and father of three; two daughters and a son.


I suppose the exiled Greek family could be relieved that don’t reside in Greece since Konstantin II was forced into exile when he refused to give up his royal title. He was also striped of his Greek citizenship in the 70s. The Greek family sought refuge in London and the exiled King was able to gain a Danish diplomatic passport since his wife was none other than the Danish Princess Anne-Marie. The Greek Danish family consist of five children Princess Alexia, Prince Pavlos and Prince Nikolaos were all born in the second half of the 60s while the later two; Princess Theodora and Prince Philippos were born by the late 80s.

Princess Alexia has been married since 1999 and has a small family of three daughters and a son with her husband Carlos Morales Quintos.

  1. Arietta
  2. Ana Maria
  3. Carlos
  4. Amelia

Prince Pavlos was Crown Prince of Greece until the Greece family was exiled in 1974. Pavlos has been married to Maria-Chantal since 1995 and they have a modest family of five;

  1. Maria-Olympia
  2. Konstantin-Alexios
  3. Achileas Andrea
  4. Odysseas Kimon
  5. Aristidis-Stavros

Prince Nikolaos has been married to Tatiana Blatnik ever since 2010, the couple has no children yet.

Princess Theodora has been pursuing an acting career in Hollywood ever since 2010, it’s possible she will marry an American. She portrayed a character in the Bold and The Beautiful between 2011-2014. That role as Alison Montgomery. Her stage name is Theodora Greece.

Like his older sister Prince Philippos is also residing in the States and New York earning a living as a in the finance sector. He too seems likely to marry an American or British citizen.

The Greek family is also intimately connected to the Danish family since Prince Pavlos children would be cousins to the Danish Princess although Princess Anne-Marie is a sister to Queen Margarethe.






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