Don’t do as the Romans do as the Indians do

The recently finished Climate Conference in Paris may be deemed a moderate success. Unfortunately China reported heavy smog in Shanghai at the time of the conference. There were many different discussions on how to take responsability for the environment. One suggestion was for every nation to drastically reduce their meat consumption one nation who already are used to vegeterian and vegan food would be India. In India the average meat consumption is a mere 5 kgs per person each year. Compared to US meat consumption of shy 90 kgs Australia consumes 90,2 kg per person and Canada is also having a similarly high average meat consumption of around 90 kgs per person a year.

The global average temperature should be kept at 2 Celcius degrees for non-industrialized nations while all post-industrialized nations jointly agreed to keep a 1,5 Celcius degrees. The post-industralized countries jointly agreed to contribute with 250 milions to help developing countries adjust to the new climate changes and conditions.


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