France became a member of the EMU as late as 2005.

François  Hollande has been president of France since 2012. He became first secretary of the Socalist Party in 2004. He also used to be a special adviser to President Mitterand before he was became one of the people in Max Gallo’s staff. He was also mayor of Tulle from 2001- 2008.

Hollande studied at  Institut de Sciences Politiques and then the École des Hautes Études Commerciales, France’s top business school. He then entered the École Nationale d’Administration.

He used to live with a registered partner for thirty years with whom he has four children,

France Prime Minister is Manuel Valls, another member of the Socialist Party. Valls was interior minister from 2012- 2014 after he was unable to gain majority in the Socialist candidate election for president in 2011. Was mayor of Evry from 2001-2012.

Valls is now remarried to his second wife yet he has for children with his first wife.

France economy used to be as strong as Germany’s but is not any longer. For many France looked to be the first victim of the single currency with issues of deficits and rising debts.

France unemployment rate was only 10 % with a slight improvement of the youth unemployment rate from near 25 % to just under %.

With the tragic events I don’t think it’s likely France will consider leaving EU any time soon. A crisis tend to unite people that’s what happened through every war so far.

Next election is supposed to be in 2017. Hollande’s main rival was the former president Nicolas Sarkozy previous leader of Rally for the Republic and current leader of Union pour un mouvement populaire.

The next contender is Marine Le Pen leader of Front National. Mayor of Lille Martine Aubry is also a potential candidate. Arnaud Montebourg another member of the Socialist Party and former Minister of Economy should not be forgotten. Cécile Duflot leader of Europe Ecologie Le Verts is another possible but not likely candidate.

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