Agent 007… Bond James Bond

Will there ever be a female Bond or for that matter a Bond with another ethnicity ? For instance African American, Hispanic or Asian ?

Sean Connery was the very first Bond actor appearing in six movies before Roger Moore took on the role , Moore also appeared in six movies. Pierce Brosnan only agreed to do four and so he did. The current actor Daniel Craig has appeared in five movies so far. Timothy Dalton was only hired to do two, George Lazenby and Sean Connery only have one single appearance.

Idris Elba was rumoured to become the next Bond agent not sure what happened. Suitable Hispanic actors would be Diego Boneta, William Levy and Rodrigo Santoro as for Asian actors I believe Manish Dayal, Daniel Henney, Daniel Wu or possibly Ki Hong Lee would be able to deliver.

Other talented African American actors Cuba Gooding Jr seems to have the fitting age while Morgan Freeman seems far too old to be belivable as Bond and Samuel L. Jackson would be stretching it too I suppose. Denzel Washington seems to just make the cut.

One might wonder what would come first an African American Bond, Hispanic Bond, Asian Bond or female Bond…

Megan Fox could potentially appear either as a Bond girl or as a female Jamie Bond. Although it would be a nice change for Emma Watson, Jennifer Laurence and Kirsten Stewart I don’t think they would be offered the female lead maybe as Bond girls. Andy or Kate Mara seems qualified just as Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Rachel Weisz, Uma Thurman, Gwyneth Paltrow , Elizabeth Hurley or Catherine Zeta- Jones would.

Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis would… would it even be belivable for a previous Bond girl to suddenly become a Bond actress ? If so then please don’t dismiss Haley Berry or Eva Green. Lucy Liu is in my opinion a very talented actress that would do an authentic female Bond.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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