Syrian Conflict IIII

US pledged to rehome 10.000 refugees beginning next year. The later events in Paris, Egypt and Beirut has divided the US once again.

As many as 31 US governers is now strongly opposed to accepting Syran refugees.

  • Arizona governor Doug Ducey, Republican
  • Texas governor Greg Abbott, Republican
  • Arkansas governor Asa Hitchinson, Republican
  • Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal,Republican
  • Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, Republican
  • Alabama governor Robert Bentley, Republican
  • Florida governor Rick Scott, Republican
  • Iowa governor Terry Branstad, Republican
  • Ilinios governor Bruce Rauner, Republican
  • Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, Republican
  • Michigan governor Rick Snyder, Republican
  • Indiana governor Mike Pence, Republican
  • New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan, Democratic
  • Maine governor Paul LePage, Republican
  • Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker, Republican
  • Maryland governor Larry Hogan, Republican
  • Kansas governor Sam Brownback, Republican
  • Nebraska governor, Pete Ricketts, Republican
  • Nevada governor, Brian Sandoval Republican
  • New Jersey governor, Chris Christe Republican
  • New Mexico governor Susana Martinez, Republican
  • North Carolina governor, Pat McCrory, Republican
  • Ohio governor John Kasich Republican
  • Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin, Republican
  • South Carolina governor Nikki Haley Republican
  • South Dakota governor Dennis Dugaard Republican
  • Tennessee  governor Bill Haslam Republican
  • Wyoming governor Matt Mead Republican
  • North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple Republican

These states still accept Syrian refugees:

  • Colorado Democratic governor John Hickenlooper
  • Connecticut Democratic governor Dannel Malloy
  • Delaware Democratic governor Jack Markell
  • Hawaii Democratic governor David Ige
  • Pennsylvania Democratic governor Tom Wolf
  • Vermont Democratic governor Peter Shumlin
  • Washington Democratic Jay Inslee

The following states has yet to respond

  • Alaska Independent governor
  • Oregon Democratic governor
  • California Democratic governor
  • Montana Democratic governor
  • Utah Republican governor
  • Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labour Party governor
  • Missouri Democratic governor
  • Kentucky Democratic governor to be replaced by Republican governor
  • West Virginia Democratic governor
  • Virginia Democratic governor
  • New York Democratic governor
  • Rhode Island Democratic governor
  • D.C Democratic governor

Is this really the best solution to a global problem … If the remaining 21 states are supposed to accept Syrian refugees it would mean each one would have to take in 476 or 477. If it would be the only nine states then it would mean they would have to accept 1111…

The US senate recently voted and decided to temporarily stop accepting any additional Syrian refugees.

A few days ago EU offered Turkey another 27 millions if they promise to catch as many Syrian refugees as possible. In exchange Turkey will be able to re-apply for EU membership and a free entry within Europe similar to Schengen.

Apparently the deal wasn’t supposed to come into effect until June 2016…

♥쟈금은 안녕

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