Syrian Refugees A Global Problem II

Since 2011 and the start of the Syrian war 9 million Syrians has been displaced from their homes. About 3000 million has managed to seek refugee Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Of these it is estimated that 6,5 millions is displaced within Syria itself. About 150,000 of these has stated they intend to seek refugee within EU and Schengen. EU members were forced to agree to jointly resettle 33,000 millions of these since the huge influx of Syrian refugees earlier this summer.

Germany was forced to help 125,400 Croatia and Kosovo 109,000, Sweden 80,000, Hungary 54,000, Austria 23,000, Netherlands 22000, Bulgaria 16000, Switzerland 9500, Belgium 8000, France 8000, United Kingdom 7500, Spain 6000, Greece 4300, Montenegro 3000, Cyprus 2700,  Romania 2300, Italy 2200, Macedonia 2000, Malta 1000, Finland 700, Poland 700, Luxembourg 382, Croatia 359, Czech Republic 320, Portugal 190, Slovenia 189, Albania 187, Ireland 107, Bosnia 101, Latvia 89, Slovakia 61, Estonia 42, Lithuania 28 and Iceland 19.

After the EU agreed quotas France, Spain and Poland will have to accept the most refugees.

  • France almost 31,000 refugees
  • Spain 19,000
  • Poland almost 12,000
  • Netherlands 9000
  • Romania 6000
  • Belgium almost 6000
  • Sweden over 5000
  • Austria close to 5000
  • Portugal near 5000
  • Czech Republic 4000
  • Finland 3000
  • Slovakia over 2000
  • Bulgaria over 2000
  • Croatia near 2000
  • Slovenia over 1000
  • Lithuania over 1000
  • Estonia over 1000
  • Latvia over 1000
  • Hungary around 800
  • Luxembourgh around 800
  • Cyprus about 450
  • Malta about 400

Some countries has said that the quotas cannot garantuee that all refugees in one nation wants to resettle and remain where they are placed. If a country is unwilling to accept their quota they can implement a temporary boarder gate for 30 days.

Sweden was negotiating over terms for the Syrian refugees and the government has said they will seek EU’s assistance for a fairer distribution.Many European countries struggle with a shortage in housing or expensive properties. Which is why many Swedish muncipalities have not accepted as many refugees as they should.

Earlier last month EU had a special meeting with the leaders of Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Macedonia and Serbia. Since Hungary responded to the big refugee wave by closing all its’ boarders. The migrant trail to Europe has been through Greece, Albania,Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and finally Germany.

An alternative route could be from Greece Albania or Macedonia, Serbia or Montenegro and into Croatia over to Slovenia. From Slovenia to Austria and from Austria to Germany. It has been called the Balkan Route and especially those countries is struggling with the huge number of refugees and some has even said they want to strenghten their boarders with military personnel.

It should not be acceptable for refugees as well as migants to have to choose between dying in their own countries or risk losing their lives if they want to try to make it to  safety in Europe. It has been known that children that manages to come to Sweden risk getting captured by pedophiles.The Swedish government plans to strengthen their southern boarder as well ask EU to be included in the redistribution of refugees.

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