Road to freedom

Starting off from Turkey, across the Aegean Sea further into Greece onwards to  Macedonia and  Bulgaria, Serbia further into Romania followed by Hungary and Slovakia into Austria and Germany.

From Germany to Denmark through the bridge and into Sweden continue on to Norway to finally arrive in Finland.

120000 refugees is going to be given refugee status within EU and Schengen. Meanwhile no country has been willing to accept a set annual quota. Although 40000 refugees is trying to escape from the Syrian War.

According to the Schengen Agreement temporary boarders are allowed for 30 days without breaching the agreement.

Hungary completed and closed their boarder on the Serbian as well as the Romanian side on the 14th September.

Germany closed their boarder a few days earlier between the 11th and 12th September.

Austria has supposedly also placed a temporary boarder during the same time.

No refugees have been allowed to cross the Serbian Hungary boarder since 5 PM on the 15th September. Serbia has requested that Hungary reopens the boarder and allow the refugees to pass through.The Eastern European countries is still not happy with the fact that they will be forced to offer refugee for hundred of thousand refugees indefinitely .

There are still two regular boarders open but you are not allowed to pass through into Hungary unless you seek asylum there. A majority of refugees just want to pass through and continue further in to Europe.

Germany, Austria and Sweden have been pushing for a more fare distribution of Syrian refugees between all of the Schengen countries. Perhaps with an annual qouta but so far the Eastern European countries has rejected the idea.

Many refugees either turn back to cross through Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and finally Germany.

Since the 15th refugees has fled through Sweden into Finland. Four days later Finland temporarily closed their boarder just as Croatia did.

Unfortunately the Swedish government just decided to close its boarders temporarilly.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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