Grexit part II

Yesterday Greece held another general election to appoint a new Prime Minister of Greece and Mr Tsipras gained enough votes to enable him to to continue serving as the Prime Minister of Greece.

From 27th August to 21st September Vassiliki Thanou-Christophilou was serving as interim Prime Minister awaiting the general election of 20th September to appoint a new Prime Minister or reinstate Tsipras. Vassiliki Thanou-Christophilou has so far been Greece only female Prime Minister, normally she is a Greek judge. She is also President of Court of Cassation and the most senior judge.

As if the recession and EU austerity measures weren’t enough Italy, Spain and Greece has seen an increased number of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe.

Germany, Austria and Hungary implemented temporary boarders to control the huge number of refugees entering Europe.

The last EU country to set up a temporary boarder was Finland, after seeing 1000 refugees arriving ever since the 16th, Hungary did eventually reopen their Serbian boarder yesterday. Meaning about 9000 refugees made it to Finland.

Meanwhile Sweden has seen 1200 (each day)refugees entering. Making 10800 refugees in Sweden. Germany has so far seen 450000 refugees entering Germany while Austria has allowed 10000 into their country. Many Syrian refugees wants to seek asylum in Finland, Sweden or Norway. Norway seems to finally agreed to accepting 8000 asylum seekers.

Just like Greece, Finland was forced to accept similar austerity measures – that Greece did earlir this summer.

Finland has a national unemployment rate of 9,7 % although the youth unemployment is 24,5 %.Unlike Norway and Sweden Finland introduced the Euro in 2002.

Finland’s president is Sauli Niinistö, since March 1st 2012 he is the first president of the National Coalition Party since 1956. Mr Niinistö has an extensive political background serving as Minister of Finance from 1993 to 2003, presidental candidate for National Coalition party from 2006. Became the Honorary President of the European People’s Party in 2002. He used to be a lawyer with his own firm before entering politics.

Niinistö is a remarried widower with a son and a survivor of the tsunami in 2004.

Finland’s Prime Minister is Juha Sipilä and leader of the Centre Party, before becoming polticially active he had a career in business. Sipilä has a master’s degree in engineering from University of Oulu. He is a father of five children, the youngest son died earlier this year.

Finland’s Minster of Finance is Alexander Stubb, a bilingual speaker of Finnish and Swedish. He is fluent in French and German besides English, Finnish and Swedish. He has a Master of Arts in European Affairs from College of Europe in Belgium, PhD in International Relations from London School of Economics and Science, he also has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Furman University and he studied French and Civilisation in Sorbonne.

  • Croatia (attempted join the EMU in 2013 but failed) they still have their national currency kuna.
  • Serbia is also not a member of the EMU they still have dinar not €. (They are not eligible to apply for EMU membership since they have not fullfiled all the criterias.)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina is (not part of EMU) they still have convertible mark not Euro.
  • Albania has Lek not Euro.
  • Bulgaria has lev not euro.
  • Rumania has New Leu.
  • Makedonia has Denar.
  • Kosovo has € but is not an official member of the EMU.

Interestingly the countries that is outside the EMU is the Schengen countries that has been the most reluctant to allow Syrian refugees to pass through their countries on the way into northern Europe and Austria, Germany and Sweden.

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