14th Amendment Apparently Not For All

The race for the next US president is in full swing with the general election for president commencing in 2016.

Donald Trump is just one of Republican party’s candidates he became notorious for his racial derogative comments about Mexicans as well as other racist statements. Maybe not the most suitable but certainly a somehat notorious and infamous candidate to date.

Might be worth reminding Mr Trump of the 14th amendment which makes any citizen born on US soil eligable for American citizenship and most people get it.

Another Republican candidate has been Jeb Bush, governor of Florida and son of the former president Bush. Bush attempted to steal Hispanic voters from Trump by reminding everyone of his wife’s hispanic heritage. Not too long ago he made a similar statement to Trump’s accusing Asian’s to delibrately travel to USA with intention to give birth to their Asian children on US soil which automatically would make them a US citizen in their own right. Has Mr Bush coincidentally also forgot the 14th amendment ?

If I was able to vote I certainly wouldn’t cast my vote on either Bush or Trump that’s for sure. Not that Hillary Clinton is a saint or that the Democrats would be any better. Luckily I will never have to decide between voting or opting out since I don’t live in the States. If 2016 is the year USA gets their first female president then maybe 2024 is the year that the US will gain their first Hispanic president followed eight or sixteen years later by an Asian president. Both Hispanic and Asians are considered minorities and with the Hispanic votes reaching 10 % and Asian voters 4 %.

Let’s not forget that it was immigrants that once built the country, the original inhabitants were native Amercans.

The Swedish Princess Leonore, was born on US soil after Princess Madeleine chose to relocate with her husband to the States. Since Princess Leonore was born on US soil she is a US citizen in her own right yet since she is one of the few direct decendants of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte and thereby included in the Swedish oder of succession the young Princess is a Swedish citizen as well. Princess Leonore is currently the fifth successor to the Swedish throne the Princess younger brother Nicolas is the sixth successor.

Of course it’s likely that Princess Madeleine and her children will be placed further down, once Prince Carl Philip becomes a father. Since Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia are newlyweds at last it’s not a question of if but rather when. It’s less likely but still possible that Prince Carl Philip will find himself pushed down if Crown Princess Victora has a second child or any more children at all. The first successor and future queen and Crown regent is Crown Princess Victoria’s only daughter Princess Estelle.

Unlike Princess Leonore , Prince Nicolas does not have a US citizenship since he was born in Sweden. It remains to be seen if Prince Nicolas will be a Swedish citizen or have a double citizenship like his older sister. Possibly a British citizenship…

♥쟈금은 안녕

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