Margaret Mitchell gone with the wind

Margaret Mitchell’s last novel was the one that would earn her fame namely Gone With The Wind was published as late as 1939. Mitchell’s life resembled her main protagnist’s in a lot of ways she is said to have been engaged to five men prior to landing her first husband Berrien Kinnard Upshaw which would turn out to be a breif marriage between 1922-1924. A considerable length these days that marriage ended in divorce and Mitchell quicly remarried John Robert Marsh the very next year Marsh and Mitchell would be married for nine years until Mitchell’s death.

She was employed as reporter for Atlanta Journal after her separation from her first husband. Mitchell is belived to have written her first work the Lost Laysen at the age of sixteen. As a teenager she finished The Big Four and her third work was Ropa Carmagin an interracial love story.

Mitchell was born 1900 on November 8th to an attorney father and a suffragette mother. Her father was of both Irsh and Scottish ancestry. She was fortunate enough to recieve a private education at Atlanta’s Washington Seminary. She was born as a third child and only daughter but would grow up with just one older brother. Mitchell volunterred for the Red Cross during WWII, she also sponsored an anti-aircraft ship as well as cruiser USS Atlanta CL14.

Margaret Mitchell died an unnaturual death from an automobil crash while on her way to watch A Canterbury Tales. She had no children from either of her two marriages and made her husband a childless widower.

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