Bid for Summer Olympics 2022 makes Beijing a host

The next Summer Olympic Games will be in 2016 and the host nation is Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. Since the Olympics only is held every fourth year next time it will be organized is in 2020 and that time it will be held in Tokyo and Japan.

The two upcoming Winter Olymic Games has also been decided on, the next Winter Olympic Games will be held in 2018 seeing that the previous was held in 2014. The host nation for the next Winter Olympics is Pyeongchang in South Korea. The following Winter Olympics will not move very far since the host for 2022 years Winter Olympics is Bejing and China.

It’s quite interesting to compare statitistics for the three Asian nations and their times of hosting both Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. Out of China, Japan and Korea Japan takes the lead as they have hosted the Summer Olympics of 1964 and has been chosen as host for the Summer Olympic games of 2020.  They should have enough experience of hosting both the Summer and the Winter Olympics since they will have hosted both twice. Japan has been the host nation of the Winter Olympics of 1972 and it was held in Sapparo the second time the games was held in Nagano. The first time the summer games was held in Japan it was set in Tokyo which also will be hosts for Japan’s second time of Summer Olympics.

Prior the WWII the selection of the Summer Olympiv games of 1940 was orginally awarded to Tokyo and Japan but later changed Helsinki before being cancelled due to the outbreak of WWII. The Winter Olympic games of 1940 was also supposed to have been held in Japan but it was cancelled due to WWII. The next Winter Olympic games was supposed to be in Italy and Cortina D’Ampezzo but it too was ultimately cancelled because of the ongoing war.

Korea on the other hand has not managed to reach such impressive records although they will have hosted both games once with the upcoming Winter Olympic games in Peyongchang.

China will have accomplished the same as Korea as they already hosted the Summer Olympic games in 2008 and it was held in Bejing. The same city that has been chosen to host to upcoming Winter Olympic games in 2022.

Not too long ago the IOC determinded that they had found evidence of exchanged bribes in the selection of the hosting nations. The Olympic games has had its fare share of scandals, first time was in 1976 when the Winter Olympics was supposed to be held in the US and Denver, Colorado. Ultimately though the 1976 games eventually was held in Innsbruck, Austria.

The very first time the IOC was reported to have accepted bribes in the host nation selection was as late as in 2002 and the Winter Olympic games that had been awarded to the US and Salt Lake City.

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