Taylor Swift 1989 tour risks Chinese censor

So I suppose it’s no secret that the current Kpop stars no longer has lyrics written solely or mostly in Korean. 2NE1 , Girls Generation and Super Junior are just a few of the most recent big idols. Korean idols these days usually have two different types of lyrics apart from the original. These two would be English and also Japanese. However one raising star is the popular and talented pop singer Taylor Swift that apparently has har eyes set on concurring Asia starting with China. Unfortunately though Taylor Swift’s chinese launch now risks being censored since the name of her Asia tour is 1989 which is the name of one of her albums. Coincidentaly the year 1989 has a bad ring to it since 1989 still is remembered for the Tiananmen Square protests which ended with a massacre . Unfortunate coincidence perhaps but it does not stop there- Taylor Swift’s initials also happens to be T.S a she uses on her initials on the planned merchandise to be sold during her China tour.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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