Brontë Sisters

Brontë Charlotte, born as the third daughter and child in 1816, in a family of five daughters and a son. She is probably best known for her novel Jane Eyre. Less known novels by C. Brontë are Shirley and Vilette while The Professor was written before Jane Eyre.

Coincidentally Brontë also had an incomplete novel Emma a novel that only were 20 pages long and published posthumously in 1860. After marrying Arthur Bell Nicholls in 1954, she died 1855 at age of 38 pregnant with her unborn child.

Brontë Emily, was born as Emily Jane in 1818 and she is most famous for her novel Wuthering Heights. Emily died from complications of a severe cold in 1948 but unlike Charlotte she never married. Emily only reached 30 years of age. Supposedly Emily begun a second unknown novel that never were published or completed.

Brontë Ann, was born in 1820 as the youngest daughter even though she may be the less known sister. Her most popular novel was Agnes Grey and she also published a second novel The Tennant At Wildfell Hall.

Her previous penname for earlier published works was Acton Bell. She begun working as a governess at nineteen later that year her father gained a new curate by the name of William Weightman.

Ann soon found herself deeply infatuated with Mr Weightman but little is known if the romance was a mutual love or another case of unrequited love.  Poor Ann never married and she ultimately died in 1849 at the tender age of 29.

Mr Weightman had unfortunately passed away by cholera in 1842.

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