The actual Von Trapp family

Captain von Trapp full name Georg Ludvig Ritter von Trapp, was the family patriarch and a sea captain. The reason why he inquired for a governess was that his beloved wife Aghate Whitehead left him a widower.  Whom he married in 1911 and soon became a father the same year to;

  • Rupert Georg von Trapp born in 1911. Was the firstborn child contrary to the Sound of Music Musical.
  • Agathe Johanna Erwina Gobertina von Trapp born in 1913.
  • Maria Agatha Franziska Gobertina von Trapp, born in 1914.
  • Werner Ritter von Trapp, born in 1915.
  • Hedwig Maria Adolphine Gobertina von Trapp, born in 1917.
  • Johanna Karolina von Trapp, born in 1919.
  • Martina von Trapp, born in 1921.

The governess Maria Augusta Kutschera was a postulant nun of the Nonnberg Abbey of the Benedictine order when she agreed to become the Von Trapp childrens’ governess. Captain von Trapp married Maria Augusta who was 25 years his junior supposedly not out of love but the real reason was her genuine care for his children. Despite this the Captain fathered three children with his much younger second wife.

  • Rosemarie Erentrudis von Trapp, born in 1928.
  • Elenore von Trapp, born in 1931.
  • Johannes Georg von Trapp, born in 1929.

The family begun their singing career in 1929 however they remained in Austria until 1938. They never fled to Switzerland yet they moved to Italy later that year and soon after emigrated to America.

Maria Kutschera , Johanna, Martina, Maria, Hedwig and Agathe all applied for US citizenship. Georg von Trapp never did he unfortunately passed away in 1947.

. Rupert and Werner became US citizens by serving in the US army during World War II. Rosemarie and Elenore became US citizens since their mother had US citizenship and Johannes whom was born on US soil aquired one at birth.

They continued to preform in USA until 1957, when the children no longer wanted to continue preforming.

Rupert the oldest son exited the singing group after his marriage 1947 instead he sought a career as a physician. From his first marriage he fathered two sons and four daughters he later remarried but had no further children with his second wife. He passed away in 1992. Agathe left the home in 1956 to pursue a career as a kindergarden teacher she never married. Agathe lived to be nearly 100 years old she passed away at the age of 97 in 2010. Maria Franziska became a missionarie in Papau New Guinea where it is said that she also adopted a native boy. She died in 2014 the same year she would celebrate her 100th birthday. Werner married his wife in 1948 and they had six children togheter. He cotinued singing and had shorter period as farmer before he retired. He passed away in 2007 at the age of 91. Hedwig begun a teaching career in Honolulu but like her older two sisters she never married. She passed away in 1972 and the cause of death was asthma, only 55 years old .  Johanna married Ernest Florian Winter in 1948 in Vienna  and they had seven children togheter. One son unfortunately died and Johanna passed away in 1994 still in Vienna. Johanna Martina married Jean Dupire in 1949 , she unfortunately passed away in 1951 when she was expecting her firstborn child cause of death was childbirth.

Maria Kutschera von Trapp passed away in 1987.

Rosemarie von Trapp became a missionarie and never settled down and raised a family. Elenore von Trapp married Hugh David Campell in 1954 and had seven daughters with her husband. She lived with her family in Waitsfield, Vermont. Johannes married Lynne Peterson in 1969 and had a son and a daughter with her. He later took over the management of the family lodge in the 1970s. Of the von Trapp’s 10 children only the three youngest from his second wife still remains alive.

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