Congrats Cambridge to another Duchess

Yesterday, it was finally time for Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge to have her second child. Officially the couple stated that they didn’t know the gender beforehand much like Prince Albert and Princess Charlene when he stated that he didn’t know the gender of the royal twins before the birth of a daughter; Princess Gabrielle and a son; Prince Jaques.

Prince William and Princess Kate are as of now proud parents to a little baby girl and their older son George is a big brother to a sister. The birth is historic for the British monarchy and house of Windsor and certainly for Cambridge. The little Princess is the first daughter born to the immediate royal family for 25 years, bets are already running for what name the young Princess will have and it seems that Charlotte, Elizabeth, Victoria and Diana are among the most likely – Diana would be the name of the little Princess paternal grandmother who tragically died in a car accident.

Royal Princesses and daughters within the House of Windsor:

  1. Princess (nn) of Cambridge
  2. Princess Beatrice of York
  3. Princess Eugenie of York
  4. Lady Cosima Windsor
  5. Lady Dawina Lewis
  6. Lady Rose Gilman
  7. Lady Marina Windsor
  8. Lady Amelia Windsor
  9. Lady Helen Taylor
  10. Maud Windsor
  11. Lady Gabriella Windsor
  12. Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy

Dukes and Dutchesses of Cambridge

  • Charles 1660-1661 only by title
  • James 1664-1667
  • Edgar 1667-1771
  • Charles 1677 only by title
  • George 1706-1727
  • Adolphus 1801-1850
  • George 1850-1904
  • William 2011-
  • George born in 2013
  • daughter born in 2015

The royal bachelor would Prince Harry, currently fifth in line to the British succession.

The next Royal birth to look forward to is in the Swedish Bernadotte Royal family as the youngest daughter to current to the King ; Princess Madeleine is expecting her second child, eldest daughter is Princess Leonore, Duchess of Gotland. Crown Princess Victoria is a mother Princess Estelle. Duchess of Ostergotland- so far, while Sofia Hellqvist the fiancé to Prince Carl Philip might gave birth to the third Bernadotte baby.

Royal European Princesses

  • Princess Beatrice of York
  • Princess Eugenie of York
  • Princess Ingrid Alexandra
  • Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands
  • Leonore of Spain
  • Princess Estelle
  • Princess Josephine
  • Princess Isabella
  • Princess Gabrielle
  • Princess Athena
  • Princess Benedicte
  • Princess Elizabeth
  • Princess Alexia
  • Princess Ariane
  • Princess Leonore
  • Infanta Sofia
  • Princess Mafalda
  • Princess Olimpia
  • Princess Olympia-Maria
  • Princess Vittoria
  • Princess Louisa
  • Princess Isabella of Savoy

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