The real Ingalls family beyond the prarie

Laura Ingalls was born as the second daughter to Charles Phillip Ingalls and Caroline Lake Ingalls Quiner. She was born on the 7th of February 1867 and her older sister Mary Amelia Ingalls was born on January 10th 1865 and contrary to the TV-series she never married or became a blind school teacher. Although she did lose her sight as a side effect from scarlet fever and became blind and attended a blind school. She was engaged to be married but because of her blindness she never married. She lived at home with her parents and later with one of her sisters.

Laura did marry Almanzo Wilder at 18 and contrary to the TV-series she did not continue teaching until she became a mother to only child Rose Wilder. Their only daughter was born in December of 1886 and they also had a son in 1889 who died shortly after birth and was never given a name. Almonzo did contract dipheria and he did in fact never regain his health back. Her husband died in 1949 and Laura passed away in 1957.

Carrie Ingalls or Caroline Celestia Ingalls was actually born on August 3rd 1870 so she was in fact much closer to Laura in age. The only son that Charles ever had was Charles Frederick Ingalls born some time after 1870 and before 1877 when the youngest daughter Grace Pearl Ingalls was born.

Charles and Caroline never adopted a boy named Albert or agreed to become guardians of James and Cassandra Cooper who were suddenly orphaned. It was not portrayed in the TV-series that the Ingalls family suffered from diabetes as a result from having double ancestors on both sides of the family Ingalls and Holbrook. This could also explain why Charles and Caroline never had a surviving son and subsequently Laura to lost her only son.

Carrie Ingalls married widower David N. Swanzey who was a father of two children from her marriage Carrie became a stepmother to her husband’s children. She never had any children of her own but her stepchildren had many grandchildren. Mary Ingalls moved to live with Carrie in 1924 after the death of Caroline Ingalls but Grace also helped to care for Mary. Grace married Nathan William Dow in 1901 at her parents home. The couple never had any children.  Both Carrie and Grace used to work as independent journalists for different newspapers.

Mary Ingalls was the only daughter whose death ws not caused by diabetes but rather pneumonia and stroke in 1828. Carrie Ingalls Swansey died in 1946 from diabetes. Grace Ingalls Dow died in 1941 also from diabetes.

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