The real Mr Selfridge

The real Mr Harry Selfridge was born on the 11th January 1858 in Ripon, Wisconsin USA. Supposedly he was faithful husband to his wife Rosalie Amelia Buckingham until her death. Mr Selfridge was his wife’s senior by two years Rose was born on the 5th of July 1860 in Chicago Illinois. The couple were blessed with five children;

  1. Chandler Buckingham Selfridges born in 1891 and died shortly after. Supposedly born and died in Chicago, Illinios.
  2. Rosalie Dorothea Buckingham later de Bolotoff Princess Wiasemsky, born in 1893 in Chicago, Cook Illinios USA.
  3. Violette Buckingham later Viscount de Sibour  born in 1897 may have been Chicago, Cook County Illinios USA.
  4. Harry Gordon Selfridge Jr, born in 1899 in Chicago, Cook County Illinios..
  5. Beatrice Buckingham later Viscounte de Sibour Lovell-Lewis, born in 1901 in Lake Geneva , Walworth, Wisconsin.

Unfortunately Rose Selfridge died on the 12th of March 1918 and was buried in St Mark’s Churchyard, Highcliff Dorset in England. Cause of death was supposedly influenza.

Eldest daughter Rosalie married Serge Vincent de Bolotoff, Prince Wiasemsky on 7th August 1918, not 1919. Their union was supposedly less dramatic and more happy than portraied in the TV-series. The couple had one daughter in 1919 little Tatiana Rosemary Sequenva de Bolotoff Wiasemsky. Their lifestyle was not lavished or extravagant they had a modest and quiet life and they were almost poor. Rosalie passed away in 1977 in Oxfordshire, England and may have been buried with her family or with her husband’s family.

The real Violette did have an illegitimate daughter called Lucie Cunningham Warren when she was only 16. The alleged father was supposedly Frederick T. Bedford and they subsequently married.  Her second husband were Vicomte Jaques de Sibour whom she married in 1921. Violette had three children with her second husband among them son Jaques Blaise de Sibour Jr.Violette successfully divorced her first second husband in 1949. Little is known of Violette’s death. supposedly is buried at St Mark’s Churchyard in Highcliff, Dorset England. It seems to be the most logical seeing that she was divorced from her second husband. 

Harry Gordon Selfridge became a father at 27 to Oliwer Gordon Selfridge on the 10th of May 1926 and supposedly Ralph Gordon Selfridge on the same date. A third son Martin Gordon Selfridge was born on the 12 of August 1932. One daughter called Jennifer Ann Selfridge is also said to be the child of Harry Gordon Jr and his wife Charlotte Elsie Dennis. Since Harry Gordon Jr supposedly did not marry Charlotte Elsie Dennis until 1940 if it true then is Elsie the mother of Gordon’s children ? Harry Gordon Selfridge returned to Amerika and became a successful retailer. He passed away in 1976 in Red Bank, New Jersey USA.

Beatrice Buckingham de Sibour Lovell-Lewis does not appear to have given birth to any offsprings despite being married twice. Her first husband was Comte Lois Blaise de Sibour and her second husband was Frank L. Lewis whom she married in 1942. Beatrice Lovell-Lewis passed away in 1990 in Wiltshire, England. She was buried in St Mark’s Churchyard, Highcliff , Dorset England.

Harry Gordon Selfridge Senior died on the 8th of May 1947 in Greater London and was buried in St Mark’s Churchyard , Highcliff Dorset in England.

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2 Responses to The real Mr Selfridge

  1. Kim Hunter says:

    Harry Gordon and Charlotte Elsie Dennis married secretly, and then married again publicly in 1940:,1704248&hl=en

  2. Doreen says:

    Some of your dates are inaccurate. Harry Gordon Selfridge Jr became a father at 27 and the child/children were born in 1926 not 1826.

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