Sewol Ferry Incident part III

Let’s turn or attention to a few people that I believe play an important role in the accident. Those would be;

  1.  Captain of the Sewol
  2. Owner of Cheonghaejin Marine
  3. Mokpo Coastguard
  4. President Park Geun Hye

Now then who are Lee Jeon Seok ? He was the temporary captain of the Sewol ferry, previously he had 40 years experience. Although not the one at helm, he was still responsible since an inexperienced thirdmate was steering the ship. He was among the first to be rescued from the ship , the coast guard didn’t find out that they had recused the crew of the ship until later. The captain abandoned the sinking ship when he should have helped the passengers to safety not prioritize his own. He tried to ensure his passengers safety but ultimately contributed to their deaths…

Who is Yoo Byung Eun ? A business mogul and the patriarch of the succesfull businessfamily Yoo. Owner of the Cheonhaejin Marine Co (as well as other companies) and father of two prominent sons by the names Yoo Dae Kyun and Hyuck-Ki. Also a leader of the Evangelical Church also some sort of sect.

Evangelical Church

The father-in law of Yoo Byung Eun founded the Evangelical Church in Seoul. It is suspected that Mr Yoo took advantage of the church which involved hiding money somehow. The same Church congregation suffered a loss in the 1990s when members of the church committed mass suicide. Already then, Mr Yoo was supected to be involved in the suicide.

The Coast Guard

The first professional state response to the accident came the Coast Guard in Jeju who handed the task over to Mokpo. The Mokpo Coast Guard didn’t seem to understand the seriousness in the situation as they didn’t follow protocol chosing unsuitable transportation delying rescue efforts.

Early on it was speculated as to why the Coast Guard not only allowed but also rescued and saved the lives of many Sewol Crew members. They all panicked and decided not to wear their proper uniforms hoping to pass as passengers.

Who were first on the accident scene ? Mokpo Coast Guard 123, they arrived by land not by helicopter. Since the accident the Maritime Police Force has been dissolved, failing to preform its duty to the public and nation in a time of huge need.

North Korean Politics

Not long after the incident occured a condolence letter from North Korea arrived with an insult to the female president Park. Stating that the accident was a direct result of an incompetent leader possibly drawing attention to president Park’s gender.

Political Security Cooperation

The Sewol accident made people join forces and the ruling Saenuri Party have insisted that oppositional party joins forces in new efforts to better security and protection. Proventing a future Sewol from happening once more.

If the voting result stands Saenuri Party lost to the oppositional party on the June 4th election a loss is directly linked to the Sewol accident and president Park’s poor management and response to the accident but also to the slow recovery process. In Korea a presidential term is five years. President Park could possibly remain in power until 2018 or be forced to leave. President Park Geun Hye didn’t make an official apology or adress to the nation following the accident , she held a speach in closed chambers a few days after the accident ocurred then she also visited the accident site a couple times and payed her respect at the public memorial hall. She spoke to a couple of parents but a genuine wholeheartly apology didn’t arrive until a month had passed.

Still, some 10 or so passengers remains unaccounted for. Chances are they may never be found…. Yet the president assured the nation that the rescue and search operation wouldn’t end until every last person was accounted for…

President Park’s strenght was her gender which made her relatible to females, but it could prove to be her weakness. Many women in Korea are wives if not also mothers and the likelihood that they would have children in High School , family members or relatives are pretty high.

 Security Changes

The Coast Guard or Maritime Police Force had to be replaced since they partially contributed to the large amount of victims. It has now been replaced by a joint political national security unit

Changed Lives

325 passengers the High School students will not celebrate another birthday that’s 63 missed birthdays. 325 graduation ceremonies will never take place, 325 weddings will never happen, 650 grandchildren will never be born, go on a first job intervju, get their first pay check or 325 enjoy their retirement. 454 birthdays will never be celebrated, the remaining 8910 workdays will be missed. 908 parents will never get to hear the voice of their child, parent or spouse , never get another kiss or hug or a greeting of any kind. Greiving mothers or wives will not be able to cook any of the 15695 dinners for their child or husband.

The Trail

This is a historic legal case were many small things seems to have contributed the the disaster. Which caused over 30 civilians mostly High School students to lose their lives. The rescue operation and evactuation was never implemented thus many who could have been saved instead died. The owner of the ferry Cheonghaejin Marine Company and the Marine Minister as well as Safety and security personel is believed to be partly responsible for the incident.

The last body was retrieved after 295 days and since then no remaining bodies has been found since the ferry is starting to collapse. The final death toll is 295 with 9 people still unaccounted for likely trapped inside the vessel or lost at sea. May their souls rest in peace.

The Sentencing

The Sewol captain recieved a 36year long jail sentence many wanted him to get the death sentence. The cheif engineer recieved 20 year in jail, and a ferry operator got 10 years.

Yoo Beyung Un’s has 4 children ;

  1. Yoo Dae-Kyun, oldest son and owner of Cheonghaejin Marine Co has recieved a jail term.
  2. Yoo Hyuk Kee,second son a New Yorker who owns a neat chocolate shop.
  3. Yoo Som Na, eldest daughter lives in France
  4. Yoo Sang Na, youngest daughter
  5. Kwon Yun Ja, wife
  6. Park So-Kyung, daughter to prominent member
  7. Kim Hae-Kyun, famous Korean actress and supporter

♥쟈금은 안녕



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