My incarnations

  1. woman, 1950s, England, married and poor WW2
  2. man 1900s, Korea poor and unmarried Japanese occupation
  3. woman 1850s, Korea married and rich Confucianism Yi dynasty hermit kingdom
  4. woman 1770s, Netherlands, married rich
  5. man 1600s, Germany married poor
  6. woman 1550s, France rich and married
  7. woman 1425, Denmark, poor and married
  8. man 1350, Sweden married and poor
  9. man  1100s, Finland, unmarried and poor
  10. woman 900, Russia rich and married
  11. woman 775, Korea married and poor Silla
  12. man 600s, Korea unmarried and rich Gaya and Silla
  13. woman 475, Italy married and poor
  14. woman 300, Greece married and poor
  15. woman 225,Spain married and poor
  16. woman 175, Sweden, poor and unmarried Roman iron age Svea dynasty

♥쟈금은 안녕


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