Sewol Ferry III

It has now been 6months since the tragic Sewol ferry accident, which had 476 passengers among them was 295 of the passengers lost there lives. The majority of the passengers were High School students from Anam High School traveling to their traditional Jeju school trip.

As of 16th October, the 10 passengers still remains missing but search efforts continues.

By now the owner of company who operated the Sewol has been found dead, unfortunately he cannot be punished. Family members and associates have been deported, had their assets frozen and many are awaiting sentences.

The Sewol ferry accident had a large economic impact on Korea’s finances and the issue has been turned into a political question. Let’s not forget the victims that have yet to be found and trust that justice and truth will prevail. All those innocent people cannot have died in vain.

It is a fact that many members of the Sewol crew will have to face a prison sentence.

Korea is a hierarchial society where honor shame and losing face is a big deal. You trust those with authority, they are supposed to do their job accordingly.

The first (out of many future) documentaries about the Sewol tragedy was screened during the Busan Film festival. It was produced by Kim Young-Woo, directed by Lee Sang-Ho and titled Diving Bell. Many relatives and significant others wanted to prevent the viewing of the movie.

The Pope also visited Korea a few months after the tragedy.

Their is still no solution found as to what the nation should do to find the truth and real cause behind the Sewol tragedy. The President and the political opposisition has not been able to find a solution both parties can agree on.

Divers are finally able to get access to the last two cabins that have not been searched, it is hoped and believed that last missing passengers will be found there. The last victim retrived from the ferry was found in July. No ther victims has been found after that.

♥쟈금은 안녕



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