Cusp of Exposure

THE LEOVIRG PERSONALITY: In some aspects of character, those born on this cusp are highly secretive individuals, in others, extroverts. Of course these apparently contradictory elements are only two sides of the same coin. In order to reveal what has previously been hidden, secrets have to exist in the first place. Further, one might argue that one reason that things are hidden is so that they can be one day revealed, with maximum impact. Fortunately, many LEOVIRGS have a good feeling for kairos, that is, the right time to do something. Masters of effect, they know when to keep silent and when to speak. Thus both their concealments and revelations can be used as means, techniques, even weapons, to help them achieve their ends in very subtle or dramatic ways. Every cusp personality comprises conflicting elements, being influenced by two very different adjacent signs. Fortunately here, an organic dynamic is set up where practical, earthy Virgo elements combine beautifully with intuitive and explosive Leo qualities. Although intuitive-sensation types, LEOVIRGS also come under the influence of Mercury which promotes logical thought. The earthiness of Virgo is somewhat mitigated by the influence, as those born on this cusp tend to be more discriminating and less overtly sensual. The fourth mode, that of feeling, is the one lacking here, and therefore LEOVIRGS may be somewhat out of touch with their own deeper emotions and those of others.

Vad händer när man blandar Jungfruns jord element med Lejonets eld? Jo man får en riktigt komplicerad och mångbottnad personlighet av motstridiga element. Lejonfrun har lejonets behov av drama och uppmärksamhet tillsammans med Jungfruns smått antisociala tendenser vilket gör att de tenderar att bli extrema åt ena eller andra hållet. Högljuda och direkta eller tysta och hemlighetsfulla. Men oavsett så brukar Lejonfrun vara mycket hårt arbetande eller strävar efter intellektuell stimulans. Detta betyder inte att Lejonfrun är tråkig, tvärtom. De är bara noga med att separera jobb och nöjen. Lejonfrun har dessutom utmärkt smak och gillar stil och klass.

Cusp of Exposure leker bäst ihop med Cusp of Rebirth (Fisk/Vädur) och Cusp of Energy (Oxe/Tvilling.) Jungfrun och Kräftan sägs kunna skapa ljuv musik medan Lejonet går bäst ihop med Skytten.

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