Jeju Island

제주도, used to be the number 1 place to go for spring vacations, holidays, marriages and honeymoons. I say used to since the government stepped in and stopped all planned trips to Jeju after 16th April when over 400 High school students died… R.I.P

There were two different ways to get there the fastest and more expensive is by flying from Korea to Jeju. The longer more time consuming is to travel by ferry but the government revoked the license for the ferry company that owned the Sewol…

The island has a beautiful nature and a Love Exhibition which I find rather strange considering that a large majority of the population are; Christians, Buddists or Taoist. I just can’t seem to understand the logic behind that.

Besides the actual Jeju city the island has another large city Seogwipo they even have their own soccer team Jeju United. Jeju uprising of 1948 when natives protested about to strict control from Korea. They have been ocuppied by Japan and is home to a large naval base. The local cousine is not typically Korean because fresh water is scarse.

♥쟈금은 안녕


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