Semi-Finals in Brazil

Africa is represented by Nigeria and neither Australia or Asia has a team to represent them in Brazil’s semi-finals. Instead it’s Latin America versus Europe. The US will represent North America in Brazil.

  • Neymar Brazil
  • Sanchez Chile
  • van Persie Netherlands
  • Uruguay without Suárez
  • Modric Croatia
  • Karagounis Greece
  • Benzema France
  • Odemwingie Nigeria
  • Messi Argentina
  • Shaqiri Switzerland
  • Klose Germany
  • Slimani Algeria
  • Kompany Belgium
  • Johannsen USA


  • Brazil-Chile 1-1 (2-1)
  • Netherlands-Mexico 2-1
  • Colombia-Uruguay 2-0
  • Costa Rica -Greece 1-1 (5-3)
  • France-Nigeria 2-0
  • Argentina-Switzerland 1-0
  • Germany-Algeria 2-1
  • Belgium – USA 2-1

This year’s semi final games have been extremely exiting with additional time , with many free kicks sealing the deal. The quarter final will be a meeting between Latin America and Europe ;

  • Brazil-Colombia 2-1
  • Argentina- Belgium 1-0
  • France-Germany 0-1
  • Netherlands-Costa Rica 4-3

Brazil’s Neymar got a serious injury in the Brazil-Colombia game and is expected to need at least 8-6 weeks recovery and treatment. Africa’s Ghana and Nigeria teams demanded to have their bonus payments delievered to Brazil or else they would refuse to play.

♥쟈금은 안녕


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