Semi-Finals 2014 FIFA

There has already been a few innnocent victims in this years soccer cup, several pigeons that preformed during the opening ceremony failed to successfully exit the stadium. Several Brazilian airports has been hit by strike during this important time, and there is a rumor that the stadium will be used as a prison once the games are over… Maybe more likely than converting it into an apartment complex. Three construction workers were killed when building one of the stadiums.

In games between an European there has been strange judgeings sometimes plain wrong and politcally correct instead of correct. Like what happened in the game between Nigeria and where the judge deemed a Bosnian goal as off-side and a goal from Nigeria as real when it really should have been off-side. As a result the game ended 1-0 to Nigeria which means Bosnia misses the semi-finals while Nigeria is through.

Suarez was banned from entering any fotball stadium for 4 months after biting an Italian player in Bosnia’s previous game.

Teams in the semi-final:

  • Algeria
  • Argentina
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Nigeria
  • Switzerland
  • Uruguay
  • USA

Italy will miss this year’s semi-finals in Brazil since they lost against Uruguay. France and the Netherlands are so far the only European teams through to the next stage-England and Spain lost their last matches so they’re out. Ecuador or Switzerland still have a chance off going through, like Iran or Nigeria, as USA and Germany and as either Belgium, Korea or Russia.

Suarez was banned from further playing in the World Cup after biting Giorgi Chellini .

ROK or Korea was drafted in group H alongside Algeria, Belgium and Russia.

  • Algeria 3 MP , W 1, D  1, L 1,  GF 4, GA 1, GD 1, PTS 4
  • Belgium 3 MP, W 3, D 2, L 1,  GF 6,  GA 5, GD 3, PTS 9
  • Korea 3 MP , 1 L D 1, L 2, GF 3, GA 6, GD -3, PTS 1
  • Russia 3 MP, W 1, D 2, L 1, GF 2, GA 3, GD -1, PTS 1

so far at this point nothing is decided yet anyone can win…

Feghouli must be considered Algeria’s top player at this point, since he was responsible for their only goal-in 28 years time. The goalkeeper Mohammed Si, did an amazing job defending the cage and almost managed to keep the goals zero. The coach Halilhodzic deserves a lot of credit as do Bougherra the team captain. Currently ranked 22. The team’s nickname is Desert Warriors.

Belgium on the other hand holds ranking position 11, Fellianie and Mertens are the top players in Belgium aswell as the goalkeeper Courtois. Belgium’s team captain is Vincent Kompany the team is managed by coach Wilmots Marc. Interestingly Belgium shares the same Red Devil nickname like Korea.

Russia has a very simple nickname they’re simply called the National Team Sbornaya. Shirokov is the team captain, The team has ranking 19 so far and their Akinfeev, the coah is Italian Capello. Kerakhov and Ignashevich should be seen as Russias team players -besides the team captain and goalkeeper of course.

For Korea -ROK or the Red Devils it is Koo Jacheul who is the team captain, their coach is Hong Myung Bo and Jung Sungryong is the goalkeeper. Lee Keunho, Kwak Taehwi, Ji Dongwon and Park Jongwho as well as Kim Youngwon are to be viewed as Korea’s top players. FIFA’s ranking for ROK is 56.

If Korea continues to second round  these players have yellow cards;

  1. Lee Youngchul,
  2. Han Kook Young
  3. Ki Sueng Yung
  4. Kim Shin Wook
  5. Park Chu Young
  6. Park Jung Woo,
  7. Koo Ja Cheul
  8. Ki Sung Yeung
  9. Yoon Bit-Garam
  10. Kim Jae Sung
  11. Oh Beom Seok
  12. Park Joo Hoo
  13. Cha Du-Ri
  14. Lee Chung Young
  15. Kwak Tae Hwi

Another player that got the tournaments fifth red card is Belgium’s Defour the other are; Italy’s Cladio Marchisio, Eucador’s Antonio Valenzia and Croatia’s Ante Redbic and Greece Kostas Katsouranis.

It is a very important for Algeria, Belgium, Russia and Korea to win their remaining games-if they are to go forward.

Anyone who can recall the Football War of 1969 (between El Salvador and Honduras) ? This War only lasted for 100 hours, and thousands of innocent people died. Sometimes sports can kill…

As expected Korea didn’t defeat Belgium nor made 2 goals. The only goal was made by Belgium’s -Vertonghen therefore Belgium and Algeria will move on to the next stage.

♥쟈금은 안녕


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