Spain’s new savior Felipe VI

Some days ago Spanish law was changed to allow the previous King Juan Carlos to abdicate the throne-and allowing Crown Prince Felipe to be crowned Spain’s new King. The question is if he will be able to save the future of the Spanish monarchy and restore the public’s faith in it.

He has two daughter’s with his wife, Queen Letitizia and if neither of them would want to ascend to the throne King Felipe has two sisters; Infantinna Elena and Infantinna Christina. Elena has two children while Christina has four so even if the royal family is small the future of monarchy is not threatened.

Spain’s new succession order is:

  • Princess Leonor of Asturias
  • Infantinna Sofia
  • Infantinna Elena
  • Felipe de Marichalar
  • Victoria de Marichalar
  • Infantinna Christina
  • Juan Urdangarin
  • Pablo Urdangarin
  • Miguel Urdangarin
  • Irene Urdangarin

♥쟈금은 안녕


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