FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil

The World Cup is held in Brazil this year and it already begun two days ago with the opening match between Brazil and Croatia. A game Brazil dominated in and ultimately defeated Croatia with 3-1. The only goal Croatia managed to do wasn’t really an achivement by their team it was instead a mistake by the Brazilian goalkeeper Marcelo who didn’t manage to save the ball… Resulting in Croatia’s single goal. Neymar managed to reduce the scores making Brazil’s first goal. Neymar was responsible for Brazil’s second goal as well, the other was young 22-year old Oscar.

Next matches for Brazil will be on the 17th against none other than Mexico, sounds like an interesting game. Croatia will be up against Cameroon on the 18th and this game could be surprinsing.

  • Brazil-Croatia 3-1
  • Mexico-Cameroon 1-0
  • Spain-Netherlands-1-2
  • Chile-Australia 3-1
  • Columbia-Greece 3-0
  • Uruguay-Costa Rica 1-3
  • England-Italy 1-2
  • Côte D’Ivoire-Japan 2-1
  • Switzerland-Ecuador 2-1
  • France-Honduras 3-0
  • Argentina-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-1
  • Germany-Portugal 4-0
  • Iran-Nigeria 0-0
  • Ghana-USA 1-2
  • Belgium-Algeria 2-1
  • Brazil-Mexico 0-0
  • Russia-Korea 1-1
  • Australia-Netherlands 2-3
  • Spain-Chile 0-2
  • Cameroon-Croatia 0-1
  • Colombia-Côte D’Ivoire 2-1
  • Uruguay-England 2-1
  • Japan-Greece 0-0
  • Italy-Costa Rica 0-1
  • Switzerland-France 2-5
  • Honduras-Ecuador 1-2
  • Argentina-Iran 1-0
  • Germany-Ghana 2-2
  • Nigeria-Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-0
  • Belgium-Russia 0-1
  • Korea-Algeria 2-4
  • USA-Portugal 2-2
  • Netherlands-Chile 2-0
  • Australia-Spain 0-3
  • Cameroon-Brazil 1-4
  • Croatia-Mexico 1-3
  • Italy-Uruguay 0-1
  • Costa Rica-England 0-0
  • Japan-Colombia 1-4
  • Greece-Côte I’voire 2-1
  • Nigeria-Argentina 2-3
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina-Iran 3-1
  • Honduras-Switzerland 0-3
  • Ecuador-France 0-0
  • Portugal-Ghana 2-1
  • USA-Germany 0-1
  • Korea-Belgium 0-1
  • Algeria-Russia 1-1

Last time it was the World Cup I remember I was in Korea, watching the game between Korea and Uruguay, were Korea was defeated 1 against 2. Interestingly they will not have to face eachother yet.. but maybe later-if they both get through. The other games were between Ghana and USA, Neterlands and Slovakia, Brazil and Chile, Argentina and Mexico, Germany vs. England, Paraguay and Japan and Spain vs. Portugal. Last time Spain defeated Netherlands and became the winners. This time the Netherlands defeated Spain with 5 to 1.

That time North Korea (DPRK) also qualified to compete and I remember that Kim Jong-Il was the leader at the time, earlier his son Kim Jung Un was chosen as the new leader. Anyways, since North Korea did put up a good game against Brazil even though they lost Kim Jong Il decided to broadcast their next game in the nation. DPRK lost their following two games against Portugal and Côte D’Ivoire. ‘s single goal keeper Nam Ji-Yun was declared a national hero while the coach Kim Jung-Hun was forced to leave his position and enter into the construction industry while also being expelled from the National Workers’ Party. The players had to endure a six hour long inquisition from the public and only two foreign players were excused from it.

DPRK were also guilty of altering the Brazil games’ result saying that North Korea won with 1-0, when in fact they lost with 2-1.

Some players to watch from each team

  1. Brazil; Neymar,Oscar,David Luis,Ramires and Willian
  2. Mexico; Marquez, Herrera,Peralta, Hernandez and Morena
  3. Chile; Vidal, Medel, Bresciano , Sanchez and Diaz
  4. Spain; Ramos, Silva, Alonso, Costa and Casillas
  5. Argentina; Crespo, Sabella, Augero, Luiz and Messi
  6. Colombia; Zuniga, Zapata, Yepes, Sanchez and Rodriguez
  7. Uruguay; Lugano, Tabárez, Cavani, Suárez and Forlán
  8. Honduras;García, Palacios, Najar,Izaguirre and Bengtson
  9. Ecuador; Hurtado, Espinoza, Benitez, Rueda and Valencia
  10. Costa Rica ; Muslera; Pereira, Lugano, Godin, Caceres
  11. Spain; Bolanos, Borges, Tejeda; Campbell and Ruiz.
  12. Germany; Schweinsteiger, Khedira , Gündogan, Mustafi and Schurrle
  13. The Netherlands; Sneijder, De Jong, Van Persie, Cillessen and De Vrij
  14. Switzerland; Shaqiri, Drmić, Inler , Dzemaili and Schaer
  15. Belgium; Lukaku, Hazard, Capello, Mirallas and Fellaini
  16. France; Landreau, Remy, Giroud, Debuchy and Matuidi
  17. Italy; Bufon, Immobile, Pirlo, Abate and Mota
  18. Croatia; ; Eduardo, Modric, Lovren, Pletikosa and Olic
  19. Bosnia and Herzegovina; Susic, Visca, Lulic, Dzeko and Medunjanin
  20. Greece; Torosidis, Papasthathopoulos, Manolas, Holebas; Salpingidis
  21. Algeria; Yebda, Ibrahimi, Medjabni, Ghilas and Djabo
  22. Negeria; Omeruo, Mikel ,Ambroso, Yobo and Azeez
  23. Cameroon; Nyom, Matip, Etoo, Itandje, and Moukandjo
  24. Ghana; Ayew, Badu, Inkoom, Rabiu and Afful
  25. Côte D I’voire; Drogba, Serey, Gradel, Zokora and Akpa
  26. Iran; Mahini, Heydari, Shojaei, Ghoochannejad and Beitarshour
  27. Japan; Inoha, Yamaguchi, Saito, Kakitani and Okubo
  28. Korea; Ha, Park, Kwak, Hong and Ji
  29. Australia; Leckie, McKay, Taggart, Wright and Halloran

The only teams for Asia this time is Japan and Korea and not to forget Australia and Iran also qualified. A few African teams made it through as well.

♥쟈금은 안녕

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